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I finally, just today, feel like I’ve caught up with things. All the kickstarter orders are officially out (okay, maybe there are fifteen or so that aren’t but it’s because I’m waiting for addresses), all my tight commission deadlines have been met, I’ve spoken with “my editor” (which still feels really funny to say) and the title for my new book has been approved and the contract has been signed, and my new day job hours and details have been squared away. I’m about to settle into some serious routine, in the best way possible.

The only bummer is that my work schedule didn’t fall into place as planned which ruins my chances of making it to a class at the gym. One of my families should have a schedule change by November which will allow me to get to the 7am classes, but for now, I’m going to have to re-motivate myself to do things at home.

The past week has been busy, relaxing, social, and filled with work all at once.

Me and Rover in a default state on a lazy night.


I worked three full days this week with my new nanny babies (to ease into my new full-time schedule starting Sept. 4). Both houses are in South Philly which is new territory for me for the most part. I have a handful of friends down there and know the few vegan joints and coffeeshops, but in terms of actually killing a full 9 hours every day, I need to learn a lot more about South Philly. So far, my go-to spot to sit down in the shade is a little park at 7th and Wharton. It’s one of the few spots I’ve found with trees in S. Philly so far.


One of my new nanny babies, Theo.


On a nanny date with Amanda, a friend who also nannies in South.


Aside from getting to know my new babies, last week our final new roommate, Craig, moved in. He’s from Grand Rapids. We’ve had some good house hangs so far.


Mikey’s house had their final roommate, Sara, move in too. She’s also from Grand Rapids!


We also had an exciting night last week after I found this little grey pit bull hiding in a bush while out on a walk with Rover. We coaxed her out with dog treats and she warmed up to us really fast. She was in really good condition so I figured she must have had a home. I checked the Lost and Found section on Craigslist, and one of the first ads that popped up was for a little grey pitbull lost nearby the night before during a hit and run accident! Her owner was hit by a car while out walking the dog and the dog ran away during the commotion. Her owner was in the hospital all night getting surgery from the accident, so we kept Dara the dog for 24 hours until a family member could take her.


One day after work I also went to Grindcore House and met up with Matt Walsh, who was just in town for a day, from Chicago. He pre-ordered my book so I was able to hand deliver it. Matt was one of my good buddies when I lived in Chicago.


Around the house with Rover – in the backyard chomping on some grass


Getting work done in the morning with Mikey. It’s nice to have an all-the-time work buddy.


On Friday a lot of people got to town for visits to Philly. We went to the park and ate dinner with Mikey’s friend Roxana and her partner Bradley. They were nice.


Mikey mentioned the ‘artsy settings’ on my camera and I had no idea what he was talking about. He had borrowed my camera the night before and found instragram-ish settings on my camera. I had never really poked around with settings other than the ones I use. These are the funny filters built in to my camera.


Bradley and Roxana.


It’s funny that most digital cameras have always had filter settings but now I just think of them as ‘instagram settings,’ as if they didn’t exist before Instagram became popular. The internet is weird.


Saturday morning at Mikey’s, with Lewis the cat.


and Rover the dog. Rover rarely lays with his paws on both side of his head. He looks like a puppy.


On Saturday during the day, I just got some little stuff done and spent time at the copy shop getting ready for the Philly Feminist Zine Fest that would be happening on Sunday. I also made copies of the DIY PHL calendar for September, which our buddy Karen drew up for us this month.


Later in the day, we took a house trip to go see the Phillies!


We took the train to the stadium, and of course, it was filled with other Phillies game attendees.


On the train.


This photo doesn’t really convey it, but the stadium had a really beautiful view of the skyline.



At the stadium. This is everyone who currently lives in my house! Next week, Eryca, the gal on the far left, will be moving out to live back on campus. I’ll be taking her bedroom as my studio, so it will just be the 6 of us after that. Below Eryca is Craig, the newest Swoon City house member. The gal in the red shirt is Bonnie. The guy in black is Josh. In the white shirt is Guy. The striped shirt is Laura. and me. Your official Swoon City roster.





My roommate Josh, also from Michigan!





After the game, we got home around 11pm and Amy Leigh and Nat Snak were arriving to crash at our house. They were in town for the Philly Feminist Zine Fest.




Rover’s little teeth.



We headed down to the fest in the morning on Sunday and set up shop.


A lot of great folks were in town for it! It was the first year this zine fest has happened and it was really great.


Mikey helped out at my table and sold some prints of his own too. There was a really steady flow of attendees all day and lots of fun and interesting people to meet and talk to.


Bonnie and Will outside of the fest.




Much better.


The organizers of the fest calling out raffle numbers.



After the fest wrapped up, we all walked over to get dim sum at New Harmony, an all vegetarian Chinese restaurant in Philly.


Will, Nat and Amy Leigh.




Amy Leigh, Shira and Rob


aaaaand this one of Rover, for good measure. This popped up on my instagram one night while I wasn’t home. I’m glad this is the type of things my roommates do when I’m not home. Rover has many friends in his life right now.

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