The Good Life

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After Portland, I was excited to get back to town and just really settle in. I felt like I moved and had the kickstarter thing end all at once, and then had a bunch of travel plans, and haven’t really felt settled. I’ve been feeling a need for some routine and order in my life so I can get back to being ultra organized, productive, and scheduled. When my life is that way, it feels busy but it doesn’t feel stressful. I schedule in time for the gym every day and I don’t waste the rest of my time because it’s so limited. I generally just feel better being regimented and I’m definitely far more productive. The unemployed life is not for me.

Still, I had one more week of real vacation before things started to settle into place, but it was just what I needed to finish up all my kickstarter stuff.

It’s also been nice to have a few more leisurely mornings with Mikey before I’m back to waking up at 6am every day.


Another thing that’s been up in the air is my new living situation. We have two summer subletters who have been there, but that won’t be as of September 1st, so things have still been in a transitional state. Stephen, one of the subletters, moved out last week, and it was sad to see him go, but will also be nice to have a permanent person in the room.


The other subletter, Eryca, moves out after next week. The bedroom she’s in will be my studio once she’s gone and it will feel so nice to have a studio again so my bedroom can stop looking like this.


One night this week, we saw Andy’s new music project play at a house in West Philly. He sounded great.


It’s been really feeling like the end of summer with heavy summer sunsets and cooler nights. I’m looking forward to fall for sure. On our walk to dinner one night there were big pink clouds over the abandoned high school, which happens to be one block from my house. It’s pretty ominous.


Sushi dinner date.


A night at home. My housemates and I are slowly working through decorating the house and trying to figure out what to do where. One of my first goals is to get rid of those shiny brown curtains and replace them with something patterned that lets light in.


Porch nights at Mikey’s house


More diner brunches


Sleepy lookin Max



This past weekend we finally had Rover and Sprocket meet. Sprocket is Max’s dog, and Max is Mikey’s roommate. Sprocket lives at the other house I’m at all the time, so it makes sense for our dogs to be able to hang out.


We were unsure how it would go because Sprock’s energy level is much higher than Rover’s, Rover is pretty tolerant of most things, just not other really dominant dogs.




Rover took it like a champ and Sprocket read his cues really well and backed off when he needed her to and quickly they were friends.




and Rover got a bunch more people friends, which are what he really likes.



Once Rove was comfortable with Sprocket, he was down to rough house.





In the kitchen at Real World: Philadelphia, which is the name of Mikey, Max, Brad, Will, Ciera and Sara’s house.


They have a porch that’s so good for hanging out.



Sprocket and Rover waiting at the kitchen door.




at Satellite for coffee and kale smoothies


Rover too


Back at RWP, doing silly body awareness summer camp tricks, like pressing your arms out against a door frame for a full minute


and then feeling like your arms are lifting by themselves when you walk out of the door frame.


and homemade porch pizza, with pesto.. and pineapple.. I live a very good life.

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  1. nora says:

    woah if you live a block from the high school then you must live very close to me. heres hoping i run into rover some day.

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