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For some reason I didn’t take a whole lot of photos during last weekend’s trip to Portland. Here’s what I got.

Despite some setbacks with flight stuff (lots of delays and lost luggage), I made it to Portland and caught up with Liz Prince, who was also in town for the symposium, and our host Jon, who recently moved to Portland from Philly. We wandered around and checked out the pre-symposium event at the IPRC but got there just as it was ending. On our walk back, we stopped by the food carts to get Whiffies fried pies, something I’ve gotten both of the previous times I’ve been to Portland.


Jon and I split a mixed berry one and a chocolate coconut one. So good and terrible for you.


In the morning, we continued our good food tour and went to Jam, a pretty new brunch spot.


I had this amazing breakfast, an egg sandwich with biscuits and gravy as the bread of the sandwich, and veggie sausage. holy lord.


There are lots of random happy indoor/outdoor cats wandering the streets of Portland. They’re everywhere, but all seem to belong to houses and are well cared for.


We also found Jon’s roommate’s cat wandering the streets, even though she’s technically not supposed to get out – somehow she does all the time.



After brunch, we headed down to day one of the symposium. Unfortunately, my luggage with all my zines and books in it were lost by the airline. Luckily I had about 10 copies of my book with me in my backpack, so I was able to sell those during the first day of the fest and it wasn’t a total wash.


When Day 1 closed, we went out to dinner at the Red and Black, which I had always heard about but never went to. I had peanut noodles and they were real good. Unfortunately, for the entire dinner, I was on hold with United in one ear waiting to figure anything out about my luggage.



We had a pretty quiet night and walked around a lot before heading to bed on the early side. Sunday, we woke up for Day 2 of the symposium. We started out the morning with Greg Means and his partner.


My luggage finally came through and was delivered the night before at 10pm! The weekend didn’t end up being a wash afterall.






5pm rolled around and we closed up shop, pretty satisfied with how the turn out and sales were, and all the people we got to meet and talk to.


We parted ways with Liz, who was heading to Seattle for the rest of the weekend. Derek, Jon and I went to Sweet Hereafter for dinner, and got a well-known straightedge mixed drink called the Floorpunch.


Then we went to Stumptown for coffee.


We hung out there for a good long while, and then went to a candy/soda shop for Derek and Jon to check out fancy sodas, and then we called it a night pretty early again.


On Monday Jon and I wandered all over Portland. Our first stop was to Portland Button Works, the zine and button store that Derek and Alex opened this summer. Eryca and Meredith were there hanging out.



After the button store, we ate at Vita Cafe, went to Mississippi Records, went downtown to Powells and Reading Frenzy, did work at a coffee shop for a while, went to dinner at some new place, and then tried to go to a movie but found out it was sold out. Phew!


We ended up meeting up with Rebecca, the sister of my old Philly roommate, and just taking a long walk around a nearby park. We found this raccoon on the way home, and it was huge. Despite all the airline troubles, it was a really pleasant and lowkey trip which was pretty welcome after weeks of pushing hard on my kickstarter stuff.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    I forgot about the raccoon! Amazing!

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