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Asher’s sick dance moves. When I say that Smash has been a little dream to work with these days, I really mean it. He’s so funny, charming, easy going, and charismatic. He has such a great sense of humor and is very cuddly and loving. I almost would have preferred him to be going through a grumpy, defiant phase so him moving away wouldn’t be so sad. Asher’s family moves at the end of this week.



A big ol hug when I was laying on the floor.


Everyone’s favorite jungle gym. If I lay on the floor, the boys take it as a personal invitation to trample all over me. Hadden has been a little pill lately, full of contradiction and constantly testing limits.


The face of a little man that is very trying of your patience. I’m sure it’s a phase, but it’s been a pretty long one. Haha. Sorry for the real talk, Hadden.


I think he caught the dancin bug from Asher, though. He has some really good moves lately.


A lazy afternoon at home for Rover.


This week I finished a pitch for a Young Adult publishing company. Who knows what will come of that, but it was fun to work on!
My kickstarter finished up this week which feels really great! It finished at almost three grand over my goal. I’m completely blown away by this and am totally humbled. It feels strange to actually have some assistance with art making. I’m so used to it being a daily struggle in terms of both time and money (a very privileged daily struggle, yes.)


Our garden has been growing really well. Everything is huge. In the back left after big brussel sprout plants, along the house in the box are tomato plants, in front of the box are kale, peppers, and eggplants.


Flowers, chard, collards, bok choy and lettuce.


On Thursday, Max and I went to make copies of the DIY PHL show calendar, which is a project we work on together every month with Bonnie and Will. We also went out to dinner and both ate huge plates of nachos.


On Friday night, I went to see a live performance of Radiolab, the NPR show. I went with my friend Mike, who is also a Radiolab nerd. We had talked a lot in the past about our favorite Radiolab episodes so when the live show was announced, he got me a ticket! I’m really stoked he did because that’s usually the kind of thing I want to go to but wouldn’t follow through with. It was a fun and different way to spend a Friday night and the performance was really good, everything I like about the radio show but with pretty stunning visual elements mixed in.


We’ve had a pretty brutal heat wave for the past week or so. It’s been 95+ degrees every single day. We’ve only had two really hot weeks of summer so I hadn’t purchased a window unit air conditioner. It’s been a bit sweaty around here…. Rover makes do. I have a ceiling fan, so with a box fan in the window and the ceiling fan on, it circulates coolish air.


I posted this on tumblr and it swirled around a little bit. My roommate Jules, I think, was the one who instituted this in our kitchen, and I’ll take it with me forever. If you put the white bulb part of a green onion in a water cup, it will grow a new green onion shoot. It’ll just keep growing and growing this way. This pretty much means you don’t have to buy green onions ever unless you want a large quantity at once.


Speaking of Jules, he moved out last week, continuing the neverending rotating cast of roommates in this house (and the number one reason I’m moving. I need something more stable, that people are committed to, and to not be in charge of filling rooms every few months. It’s tiring.) Rover was sad to see him go I think.
We just got a subletter a few days ago and he seems nice.

On Saturday, I helped my buddies move in to their new place. One thing I feel strongly about is helping out on moving day. I’ve moved so many times throughout the past ten years and I’ve been so grateful to anyone who has helped me each time. Moving day is always sort of miserable and stressful. I know it’s a day I can be really useful to my friends. I don’t always prioritize socializing but I do try to be there when help is needed.



They’re moving into this big old victorian West Philly house. The maintenance people will be working on it for the first two weeks they’re there. Good thing too, otherwise they’d be stuck with walls that look like this from the previous tenants. ????


Aside from what needs to be cleaned, fixed and painted, it’s a really beautiful huge house and I’m sure they’ll make it really nice.


This is the room Mikey is moving into. This will surely be the room I spend the third most amount of time in (the first being my studio, the second being my bedroom.)


The heaviest thing we had to move. Only two of us could fit through the door, but to get it any real distance or up and down stairs, it took five of us.


Straightedge kid moving day drink break.



The two on the right here, Guy and Josh, are who I’ll be moving in with in a month.


The two on the left here, Will and Max, are the ones I helped move, who will be Mikey’s roommates in a month when Mikey moves to town.


Josh found some coveralls.



Stolen from Will’s instagram.
Bonnie stopped by at the end of the day too. She’s another of my future roommates.



On Sunday, I babysat for a great little kid who I had only previously sat for while she was sleeping. While awake, she’s a lot of fun! Plus her parents are vegan, and have an anarchist poster on the wall. The first time I sat for them the dad also had an anti-fracking one inch button on his shirt. Haha.


This is also where I noticed how glammy the Mercer Mayer characters from the Little Critters books are!


One more week of the daily grind and then hopefully photos in this blog will get way more exciting!

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