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I finally finished all the editing and layout for my book and sent it to the printer. It was a looooot of work over the last two weeks and I’m so glad it’s finally done! I was going a little stircrazy looking at it and definitely not getting enough sleep. With that said, not many photos this week because I really saw very few people at all over the past week.


On Sunday, I made myself get out of the house and go to brunch at my friends house, and my future home, Swoon City. It was nice to see a bunch of West Philly friends that I hadn’t seen in a couple weeks. Laura, on the right, is one of my future roommies.


Cooking with Karen, Peter, Max and Laura


My new house has soo much more light than my current one. I realized one of my big problems with the house I live in now is the downstairs gets very little light. We’re a typical West Philly rowhome, so our house is pretty much a dark tunnel. The place I’m moving into, though, has an alley down the side of it, so it has windows down the length of the house.


My new room is on the third floor of a 7 or 8 bedroom house on a pretty busy street. Getting used to traffic noise will be a little different, but I’m excited to have this little balcony to fill with plants.


My room, four windows and a mirrored door means so much natural light! That’s exactly what I look for in a room and this will be the most windows I’ve ever had before. It’s currently lavendar but I’m going to paint it a greyish green I think. Like a chalkboardy color. It’ll look great with all the white trim.



Albert, the cat


A DiyPhl meeting with Bonnie, Max and Will. Max and Will are who Mikey will be moving in with.






Aside from the book, and a few West Philly things, I’m still working a ton. I have three more weeks left of ten hour days and then I have a full month and a half off. It’s going to be unreal. My days are currently stretched to capacity. I wake up at 6am, get ready, make a real breakfast, squeeze in as much work on art stuff as I can before 7:30am, head out and stay at work til 6pm. If I’m lucky to get out by 5, then I go to the gym from 5:30-6:30. Then I race back home and walk Rover and make dinner. And what I have left is 8pm-10pm to squeeze in any drawing stuff before I try to get to bed. It’s like that Monday-Friday, which means on Saturday and Sunday I just feel like I’m trying to catch up, cleaning, running errands, and actually putting real time in on art.

Three more weeks of this… To his credit, Asher has been in a really fun and easy going phase. He’s suddenly gotten super cuddly and asks for hugs all the time. He makes jokes and laughs at himself (baby jokes. he still can’t talk). And he’s generally just easy going and exploring everything.


He also finally let go of my hand and learned to walk this week! It’s been great to take him out and convince him to go for it by himself. He still takes a little coaxing, and some days he refuses to try, but others he struts around with a big grin on his face. It’s so cute and fun to watch. I’m glad that for our last month together we’ll get to work on this new fun thing.


Today at the park I showed Asher how to use my camera. I put the strap around his neck and held it in front of him, and he snapped away and steered my hand. He was just rapid fire taking pictures, but he got a few really pretty ones!


We go to Rittenhouse almost every day because it’s always bustling with people to watch, street performers, other babies and nannies, etc. It feels like its own little city within the city. By going there every day for months, I’ve discovered that there are so many Rittenhouse regulars! They show up at the same time every day, sit on the same bench, drink the same coffee, etc. It’s sort of fascinating, and I’m totally one of those faces in the park.


self portrait! Asher still only has his four front teeth, haha.


A few strands of hair are perfectly in focus. If I had known he was taking cool photos, I would have switched them to color. I bet these photos would be so golden with all that sun.



One of Asher’s favorite things to do for the past month or two has been to push his stroller around. He loves to push it all around the park. I steer at the top and he will just go all day. Every single person we pass melts into a big ball of goo when they see him doing this.


Despite his newfound ability to walk, today he refused to. He opted to get around faster by crawling.

Asking to push the button on my camera again.


And a couple more Asher shots.


I feel like I’m just riding out the end of things until my life will be completely different. I have three more weeks of days like this (which don’t look so bad in photographs I know, and they really aren’t bad, just long and tiring), and then I have a month and a half off in which I will actually partake in summer activities, actually maintain my garden, prepare all my kickstarter rewards, pack up all my stuff, paint my new bedroom and new studio, move into a new house, go to michigan for a wedding, go to portland for the zine symposium, hang with Mikey as he gets acquainted with Philly, start a new job, and settle back in to an entirely new routine.

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