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Last week was pretty fun. I launched my kickstarter for Year One, which was sort of the main event I had been working toward for a couple weeks. It took a lot of work to get my book to a point of completion, in terms of cover designs, supplemental pages, rounds of edits, video making, gathering promo material, etc, to finally be able to launch an actual Kickstarter. As a result, I don’t have many photos from throughout the week.

I did spend a lot of time at work… like usual.


I have a little over a month left with this little guy before his family moves to North Carolina. I’m going to really miss him a lot.



In the midst of work, I did take a time out to go see Swearin, Spoonboy and Good Luck at ChaChaRazzi two Saturday nights ago.


It was 90 degrees out and verrrry sweaty.






For some reason at this show, a lot of people were wearing yellow. It fit perfectly with the backdrop at the space. This is David playing as Spoonboy.


Good Luck






The following night, I went to see Spraynard, Sundials, and Nona at the Golden Tea House.



After this show, I rode over to Bonnie, Laura and Guy’s place to check it out, since they had just moved in a month or so ago. They were also just starting to look for roommates for August. Upon seeing the house, I decided to move in! It’s huge and I miss having lots of roommates, so I’ll be moving over there in August. I’m stoked.


I didn’t do anything throughout the week aside from prepare more things for my book. I’ve started the endless process of resizing all the pages for print. It was really exciting to launch my Kickstarter and watch the number climb. I’m completely floored by how fast it reached its funding. I honestly had several back up ideas for how to fund it because I wasn’t sure it would reach its goal within 30 days. Phew. Thanks to anyone reading this who might have pre-ordered the book or donated!

Without having Year One to work on, I’ve been able to get back to a couple personal projects, including a mix I’ve been working on for Mikey for a couple months.



On Thursday after work, I headed to DC because Swearin and Sourpatch were playing there the following night with Mikey’s band, the Ambulars. I hadn’t seen Mikey in an entire month! It was really good to see him again. Swearin and Sourpatch stayed over at their house too.


On Friday, I just worked on Mikey’s mix in his room while he went to band practice and work. Then I went out for dinner and coffee with Jen, who was in town for the show, among other stuff. It was great to catch up.



Then we headed over to the show. Hand Grenade Job opened, with their first show.


Swearin played next but I didn’t snap any photos. Sourpatch was after them. I love that band.





The Ambulars played last. <3


DC babez.




I wasn’t on my A-game socially. There were so many people I knew from so many different places. It was overwhelming. If you know me, I’m best in small groups. When there are a lot of people I usually just get quiet and take it all in.



On Saturday morning Mikey had to work again, so it gave me the perfect opportunity to finally finish his mix.


It was inspired by lyrics in a Weakerthans song “Measure me in metered lines, And one decisive stare, The time it takes to get from here to there”


The cd and tracklist go in the envelope on the left, and this big insert I made goes in the right.



I made a big accordion fold pull-out illustration of a landscape from Philly to DC



Starting and ending with the views out our bedroom windows.



These photos aren’t the best, but I’m really happy with how it came out.



I think the photos from my iphone actually turned out better for some reason:
Saturday night, Mikey and I found ourselves on a classic date night. We went out to dinner at a Burmese restaurant.


Afterward, we went to see the new Wes Anderson movie, Moonrise Kingdom. We both agreed it didn’t live up to our expectations.



After that, since we were there for the movie, Mikey showed me around the town he grew up in. We even drove by his parents house, which I always think is really interesting! We walked around this weird old amusement park place that’s now used for art classes. It was really strange and I still don’t quite get what it is.



On Sunday, we went out for brunch and then went to Rock Creek Park to hike around for a while. We climbed on the ruins of the old Capitol building.





I tried to take a photo of us with the self-timer.



It never worked. I look very feminine here.



Mikey said this is where he would pose if he were in a screamo band in high school or something.


A bird nest that fell out of the tree in front of Delafield, Mikey’s house.



We made a big salad with roasted veggies and fried tofu and goat cheese and ate it on his roof.





After dinner, we drove up to Baltimore to see Frances play with Hop Along. It was really nice to be at a show in Baltimore, especially to see Hop Along, an ex Baltimore band. I ran into so many old faces and got to catch up with a lot of people. It made me feel very nostalgic.



Hillary and Mitch, two old Baltimore friends.



Brendan, another old Baltimore buddy and art school mate.



Hop Along killed it. They just released a new record that I can’t get over (http://hopalong.bandcamp.com), and their live set was dead on. It was so big sounding. I hopped a ride back to Philly with Frances after the show and didn’t get in until 4am. I had to be up for work at 6. It was a brutal night of no sleep, but very worth it.


Overall the weekend was really nice, a mix of relaxing and productive, and I got to see so many old faces, and spend a lot of time with Mikey for the first time in too long.

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