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I didn’t take many photos this week because I left my camera’s lens cap in DC during my last visit! So I’ve been reluctant to carry my camera around. I did bring it to work on Friday, a share day with both Hadden and Asher.



Hadden and Asher are only one month apart but Asher’s lack of hair makes him seem so much younger.

at work

littlest newsie


It was mostly a quiet week anyway, with my normal lots of work hours, catching up on Year One, and focusing on gains at the gym and my food intake.



I started a 40-day nutrition challenge at my gym, which I’ve been blogging about over on my workout blog.

photo (3)


On Friday night, my old pal Joe came to town. He’s a long time buddy from Baltimore. I was roommates with him more than once! He was in Philly for a photobook show, with his friend Mary Beth. I think Joe took this photo of himself with my camera while I was in the bathroom during brunch. Haha.



Joe is a photographer! You can see his work at



Joe and MaryBeth

in fishtown


After brunch on Saturday morning, I took the bus down to Grindcore House to put in a few hours of work to finish up a commission. Mikey came to town and met me there.

at grindcore


He’s real cute.

<img src="" alt="


He snapped these photos of me, too.

at grindcore



We mostly had a quiet two days. We worked for a while at Grindcore House, then went out to a late dinner in West Philly. Then came back and worked some more. This is Mikey’s last week of school so he had a lot of projects to wrap up, and I have to finish Year One, so a quiet work weekend together was really nice. Rover liked having a buddy around too.



On Sunday, we went out for brunch with my friends Ian and Cody. Ian was in town visiting Cody from Brooklyn. Cody just got back from months of traveling. It was nice to catch up with them both.

the royal tavern


and one more Rover picture, for good measure.


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