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Because of my busy work schedule, ten hour days, and being back at the gym, I didn’t do anything photo worthy during the week. Just routine and passing time and going to bed early so I don’t wear myself out.

On Friday, though, I left work a few hours early and caught a bus to DC to visit Mikey, who I hadn’t seen in an entire month by that point. It was super necessary. I didn’t get in til a little late, and we just hung around the house Friday night.

On Saturday, after sleeping in and getting some work done while Mikey was at work in the morning, we went out for lunch at Everlasting Life, which is a vegan soulfood place that is really good but really unhealthy and heavy! Neither of us had been since December so we decided to go for it. It tastes soo good but usually feels pretty terrible later.



Then we hit the road to head up to Baltimore to hang out with one of my best friends and old roommates, Kate!



We ended up just sitting on her stoop the whole time catching up about life in Baltimore and Kate’s impending move to North Carolina to live in an off-grid cabin on a goat farm and go to nursing school. Needless to say, I’m jealous and stoked for her and really excited for opportunities to visit her up in the mountains.

baltimore stoop hang


Kate’s dog, Bergamot

baltimore stoop hang


Kate and her partner Garrett, who is also moving to NC!

baltimore stoop hang


baltimore stoop hang



I hadn’t properly caught up with Kate since my last visit to Baltimore in December!

baltimore stoop hang



A stormfront rolled in and Mikey scowled, as usual.



We hopped in Mikey’s car to head back down to DC, and as we were rolling out, he realized that his friend Joe lived literally a block from Kate, and we caught them hanging out on Joe’s porch before we left.



Joe showed us a cape that he had worn while playing a show? I think.




Back at home it was raining hard. We laid around and worked on projects, and Mikey played me a few songs because I always beg him to.

any requests?


On Sunday we started the day with coffee at Sticky Fingers.






and then some folks from Charlottesville, VA stopped in wielding bows and arrows.
bow and arrows


bow and arrows


Fun, rainy Sunday afternoon target practice ensued.


bow and arrows


Jake was the owners of the bows and taught everyone how to shoot.

bow and arrows


Greg gloating.

bow and arrows


Ian was also in town for the day from Braddock. It was nice to see him for a minute even though we didn’t get much of a chance to hang.


bow and arrows

bow and arrows



Devin, the man, the myth, the legend at Delafield.



His turn was highly anticipated by everyone…

bow and arrows

also, feared.


bow and arrows



I’m surprised I hit the target! It was fun to shoot. I could see how you would get better at it pretty quickly if you had your own bow, though. It’s pretty intuitive.




Shannon seemed nervous

bow and arrows


but she was the closest out of anyone to the bullseye! Hell yeah, girl.



We spent the rest of rainy sunday being lazy and working on commission stuff that Mikey was doing.

rainy day hangs


It was a really nice visit. Though, as usual, too short.


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