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i skipped a picture post last week because i had only taken two photos all week! i had the week off from work and spent the entire time in my studio catching up on projects, commissions, year one, and promoting my zines. i hardly socialized at all and didn’t really do anything worthy of picture taking. on sunday, however, i did go to grindcore house to draw for a while and max joined me for a part of it. i also met up with my old friend jay, from buffalo, later that evening, and his lady friend nathalie. we all got dinner but i didn’t manage to snap any photos.



i’ve started working very long weeks, 50 hours monday-friday. ten hour days is a lot when you work them five days in a row!



asher just turned one and is getting to be very active. he’s keeping me on my feet much more. my days are starting to be pretty exhausting.





we’re also with hadden two days a week. those days are even mooore exhausting, especially since they don’t often nap at the same time, so on share days i rarely get a break at all for the whole 10 hours. they do manage to keep each other entertained and seem to have fun together though.




smash is starting to be full of tricks. he can clap his hands, and plays a modified version of peek a boo, in which he puts his hands on the sides of his head rather than covering his eyes, i guess because he still wants to see what’s going on. it’s super cute! he’s also starting to understand more complex toys like ring stackers, and is climbing up a storm at the playground and up and down stairs. i’m trying to teach him head, shoulders, knees and toes, and how to politely ask for things using the sign language sign for ‘please’ rather than just shouting and reaching.



i’ve given myself an early bed time, so after work, and the gym, and dinner, i only have 2 hours each night to try to chip away at drawing projects. i’m a little worried about how anti-social i’ll become if my weekends feel like the only time i can get my own art stuff down. i spent most of this weekend packaging up zine orders.



i love making new customized stationary thankyou notes for each issue of my zine.



i’ve had a strange amount of commission requests these days, as well as requests for prints! that’s pretty neat. it was fun making and packaging up prints this weekend to send to people who had ordered some, including some going to chicago for the grand opening art show for a new bookstore.


work in the studio


i had resigned to another pretty boring week in terms of being social, but on saturday night my friend christian wrote on my facebook wall that he would be in philly on sunday. christian is from norway!



christian’s band, death is not glamorous, stayed at the frisby house and that was the last time we had seen each other, 5 years ago! kind of crazy. christian and his norwegian friend, bork (not his real name), were visiting his friend julia in new york and they came down for a day trip.


old and new friends


we got lunch and coffee, where we ran into my buddy randall. it was really nice to catch up with a face from the past, and meet julia, who was really nice. it was a great and unexpected end to the weekend.


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