Spring Break, Week 1

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two saturday’s ago was the start of my spring break from work. i randomly have two weeks off from work right now. thankfully, it started off with beautiful weather so i kicked it off feeling really inspired to get shit done. i tilled my whole front plot which actually was a little easier than i expected. i started friday night right after work (because i was so excited to get started, even though it was getting dark out, and because i had bought a tiller during work that day) and got a quarter of the way done. here’s how it looked in the beginning.



i continued on the following sunny saturday morning.

photo (1)


i made a tumblr post about working in my garden, so max saw it and texted me asking if he could come over and lend a hand. it was really nice of him! he’s also planning to make a garden and is looking for advice since it’ll be his first one. i gladly let max take over with the rest of the tilling.



it was nice to have the company anyway.



we didn’t have any other saturday plans, so we rode bikes down to clark park and met up with bonnie for coffee and pizza. our original intention was to try the new vegan bahn mi hoagie cart but by the time we got there they were already sold out!

clark park


we got to talking about summer activities and decided we would set up a badminton set in max’s backyard. so we headed back to his house to get his car so we could go on a suburban adventure to buy a set. we were distracted by max’s dog sprocket, and his roommate, will.

at home with sprocket


we had a little bit of hang time with both of them



before going to target. unfortunately, all the badminton sets were sold out! it wasn’t a total waste. i bought a really cool hose for my garden that i’m pretty excited about. little things.



we got home in time for the delay and tin armor show at the golden tee house.




the following morning, the troops were rallied for a big west philly brunch at cedar park diner. i’m glad that this is becoming a regular sunday morning thing amongst my friends who live within walking distance. we needed to have more west philly hang time. max, bonnie and i left brunch determined to silkscreen the march diy phl calendars, which had been laser printed, but not properly silk screened yet, halfway into march.



more sprocket distraction. what a pup! she’s a big floppy babe, full of energy. she’s only a year and a half, so still a puppy by old english sheep dog standards.

at home with sprocket


after we realized we burned the wrong image on the screens (whoops?), we gave up on silkscreening march’s calendar and decided to give sprocket a haircut instead.



this is not an easy task, but she was really patient for it. a rare side of sprocket you don’t see too often. max has been grooming her since she was a puppy so she’s used to it.

at home with sprocket


but she needed lots of breaks to regain her nerve.



will came home and gave it a shot too.



how many punks does it take to shave a dog?



on sunday, mikey got to town, and i had to babysit most of the evening. he hung out and had a philly day by himself with other friends. on monday jen came to town to play an ambulars show. we went shopping for a little while downtown before coming back to my house to crash for a little while before the show.

at with home rover


then the ambulars played the marvelous. they sounded great! it was cool to hear new songs.

the ambulars




after the show, we went out for a late dinner at a diner in northern liberties.

jenny ambular


we met up with woody and alia too.



mikey was on spring break, so he stayed for the whole week! on tuesday we planted all the greens in my garden.

tis the season



uggh! my eyes were super puffy because of my allergies.




i don’t even remember what we did with a lot of the week! we spent a lot of time working on projects together, walking around, drinking coffee, etc. on wednesday evening we took a break from working on projects (i think maybe we spent the day at grindcore house working on stuff?) and got coffee with my roommate, jacob.



then we went up to karen and peter’s house in fishtown to have a work night while watching gilmore girls. i actually got a lot done.

work night


we also carried the ladder back up for rooftop access! it was a really warm and pretty week. while we were up there, a firetruck came to my block and took away one of my neighbors on a stretcher. it was pretty weird to be up there and able to see all of it unintentionally.




on thursday during the day we just made a big breakfast and then walked around west philly. we went to the woodland cemetary, which was really pretty and in full bloom.

spring day



shaking the tree to make all the petals fall

spring day



that evening we went to blackbird for dinner and then just walked around philly. we walked to the end of south street expecting to find water, but instead we found an awkward date spot and a spot where a bunch of crusty kids hang out.



we fit somewhere in between those two things i guess



on friday, we drove back to dc so mikey could go to some family obligations. i hung out at his house and worked on projects while he was gone. he snapped this photo of me on his way out.



roommates at delafield, chris cee and bradley, on saturday



shannon and greg



all of us went to a show at the dollhouse to see swearin play. we stopped back at delafield before heading over to a party for meghan. bradley playing air guitar? and talkin about girls.



at the party, these nerds were talking about iphone apps and found a strobe light app.



strobin greg’s pants



sunday, lizz came over to watch buffy and work on projects. it was mostly a work weekend. i actually made a lot of progress on projects while i was away.



then we all headed out to get pho.





back at home, trying to help mikey brainstorm for an art project for school



shira, lizz and chris cee talkin about hunger games and astro boy.



mikey did some troubleshooting on a project for the rest of the night. i got some things done but called it kind of early while he stayed up and kept working. he took this photo of me while i was sleeping. we spent 8 days straight together! i didn’t get sick of him. a true test for a long distance relationship.



I have one more week off! It’ll be a much lonelier one.

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