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once again, i don’t have any photos from throughout the week because i spent the whole week in a mad dash sprinting through nanny hours and zine making. i was determined to finish List 15 a weekend early so that i wouldn’t look like a zombie by the time the actual chicago zine fest came around. the past few years, i’ve made the mistake of pulling all nighters the week of the fest and feeling so mentally and physically exhausted that enjoying the fest was a feat in itself!

but after an all nighter on thursday night, i wrapped up list 15 and was able to relax a bit. i headed down to DC on friday night with a carload from philly. joanna was going down anyway, so she agreed to bring rover along! and a few other friends as well, jacob and noel.

lizz came over to watch buffy and to give mikey a haircut



shira came too. rover was a very happy man. he was such a little donut (which what everyone has started affectionately referring to him as)



trying to stalk people online for their private info. they were able to find all the addresses i’ve ever lived at!






on saturday, mikey had a full day of portfolio reviews for his design portfolio, so i had plenty of time to get my zine stuff in order. i worked on sewing my tablecloth for CZF and also got the very first copies of List 15 printed. it was really exciting for me! i haven’t printed a new zine issue of List since the summer of 2010!



Mikey got home and we had a pretty lazy afternoon/evening because we were both exhausted from our big project days/weeks.




at one point in the evening, we were in mikey’s room hangin out and his roommate brad called him on the phone. he was asking for rover. so we sent rover down and heard people cheering. jeesh. no one cheer’s for me when i come to dc.



out to dinner



i don’t know how not to make weird faces in photos because i’m usually behind the camera




rover glows sometimes, no big deal



sometimes if i ask enough, mikey will play me cover songs on request.




trying to remember how to play guitar



we also did seven minutes of burpees! when i stopped going to my gym, i was telling mikey about how i was planning to work out from home and how it’s always so much harder to find the motivation when you don’t have a support system for accountability. so he offered to do the workouts with me. what a guy! it’s really funny when we have visits and actually physically workout together. for the seven minutes of burpees you had to hit a target six inches above your reach. this was after measuring out our targets. pretty silly.



on the drive back to philly, we stopped in baltimore for dinner and my favorite person, kate lally, met for dinner! it was so nice to see her and catch up on things. she’s so motivated and on top of shit right now. it makes me really excited for her. she’s starting nursing school. coincidentally, my friend joanna who drove us to dc, is just finishing nursing school, so they had a lot to talk about. it was great.



we also met a few of joanna’s baltimore friends who were also really great.



and kate and garrett, kate’s partner, took this lovely photo of themselves. i guess when i was in the bathroom? haha.


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