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i’ve been really overwhelmed with project deadlines and getting behind on money so i kicked myself into gear. i made a babysitting flyer and put it all over town, and somehow ended up with a lot of work from it. this has meant very little socializing and lots of extra work hours, in addition to my normal day-time shifts as a nanny. but i’m slowly chipping away at my debt and feeling much better and much less stressed out as a result.

in addition to nighttime babysitting with new families, i started a nanny share. this means i work with an additional family during my normal hours with asher, who i’ve already been working with all year. it’s cool for asher to have a new little friend and to watch him learn how to socialize.



last week they had their first shared day



they became fast friends, despite asher having a pretty tough teething day. he was cutting one of his big front teeth, which meant poor sleep, a slight fever, not wanting to eat, and generally feeling exhausted. it’s strange how such a simple physical thing like getting a new tooth can effect your entire body in that way.



asher’s new buddy. they have very similar demeanors. it seems like it’ll be a great match.



look at his ears!



i literally worked day and night almost every night last week. friday night i planned to just stay in and get work done on my zine, but i was convinced to socialize a bit. first, i played some bananagrams with my roommates, jacob and jules. this is our standard household go-to activity. here’s jacob and jules in a tense showdown.



then i got food with a bunch of friends and watched gilmore girls at my place.



saturday morning, i got to work on my zine before going to meet another family about babysitting.



then i sat at grindcore house for most of the afternoon/evening working on stuff. however, for once i actually didn’t get much work done and let myself get distracted by conversation. aaron was sitting with this guy randall, who he had just met. we ended up sitting there for a long time talking. then mike showed up. then ryan showed up. and i didn’t get much work done.



then i babysat three more times that weekend. phew.

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