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Last week with Smash, I had the realization that he’s not really a little baby anymore. He’s small for his age, but he’s nearly one year old! That’s definitely toddler territory. I realized it when he was trying to crawl up the stairs and he was maneuvering around very masterfully. I started watching him when he was 6 weeks old so I still sort of think of him as tiny and helpless sometimes.



The first time I’ve ever caught Asher with a funny face.



It was really beautiful out a few days last week, so I took him to the playground for the first time to try some things out. It’s been winter as long as he’s been big enough to really do that, so he hadn’t even gotten in a baby swing yet. He was terrified at first but quickly came around to it.



His parent’s also signed him up for membership at this big indoor playroom so now we have a place for him to go and interact with a lot of other kids his age. He’s mostly socialized with older kids (3 and 4), so this will be really interesting and fun for him. I forgot how chatty other moms and nannies can be though, phew! I’m used to mostly being alone with Asher and my thoughts throughout the day (and lots of texting). Suddenly I was thrust into all sorts of pretty mindless conversation, lots of people who want to make conversation just because they’ve been cooped up all day with a baby. It took a minute to re-calibrate to that way of interacting. I guess it was good socialization for me too.



My best bud these days



Out my studio window. I like that the neighbor’s window just reflects back bricks.



I had a really unsocial week. I don’t think I hung out even once! On Saturday, however, I headed down to grindcore house with Aaron and Joelle, and his friend Jen met up too. I got a lot of work done. Karen, Peter and Joanna sat at a nearby table but it was too crowded for us all to sit next to each other, which was kind of a bummer.



Mikey drove up from DC and met us at grindcore house. Then we just headed home and lazed around. It was almost dinner time so we walked to get pizza from Dock Street.



We got a brie, walnut, pear and mozzarella pizza. It was so good. <%]



I even gave Rover a bite. He doesn’t get a lot of table scraps but every now and then when he’s being very patient, I’ll let him indulge.



Hangin in the kitchen with my roommates. That’s my new roommate, Jules.






A little seal.




We’ve started frequenting a West Philly diner brunch spot on Baltimore Ave. It’s so cheap. They even have tofu scramble and soymilk. Whenever we go in, they always remind us/recommend it to us, even though we’re usually all non-vegans. It’s really sweet of them and I suppose smart as well, though an unfortunate sign that the neighborhood is getting pretty thoroughly gentrified. It’s nestled right in near Satellite, so I guess they’ve had a lot of people pop in inquiring about vegan friendly options. Philly is strange though. Many bars and even little corner stores have some sort of fake meat option. They put so much butter on my french toast. I was admittedly very stoked.



We met up with Max, Laura and Guy.




Afterward, Mikey took me to Lowes so I could buy some big bins to start my worm composting in! Then we headed up to Fairmount Park to Belmont Plateau with Rover.




It’s a really pretty overlook of the city. It’s also apparently where lots of dudes park their cars and compare their sound systems. We had a nice soundtrack blaring in the background. Some good Whitney jams. Mikey said he paid those guys to ‘set the mood’ so he could propose to me. Haha. It was really funny.



Obviously no one is proposing. But this dude is real sweet and I’m stoked about him.










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  1. Karen M. says:

    Yeah bummer on the grindcore seating, but I see it happen to big groups all the time, haha. It was just our turn to experience it – next time! Also, photo of Mikey and a (sleepy-faced) Rover is the best. What is it with animals sleeping with us humans that always makes everything better? :0)

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