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In the beginning of this week, Max, Bonnie and I made a big push to get our DIY PHL calendars printed before February 1st, which was on Wednesday. We spent the first few nights of the week preparing screens at the community printshop.




Somehow, we managed to get them done and silkscreened by Wednesday evening! It’s rad working with two other folks who are really determined to meet deadlines, even if they’re really crunched ones. We came up with the project two weeks ago, contacted everyone, compiled the show listing, designed the calendar, and silkscreened them within that time! Phew.

Aside from that, I just worked with Smash. He’s growing through a growth spurt or some sort of schedule change. He was a little screaming rascal all week. It was exhausting! Look at his little teeth poppin up.



On Thursday evening after work, I headed down to DC to visit Mikey. It felt so good to see him! It had been a couple weeks, and those few weeks between each visit are starting to feel longer and longer as time goes on. Long distance jams are kind of silly… but I like that dude a lot. On Friday morning we went to Sticky Fingers, as usual.



Mikey had to work, so I opted to stay at Sticky Fingers and draw all day to catch up on Year One comics. My former roommate, Lizz, who just moved out a week ago, stopped by. She lives in DC now which is a big bummer but also really good because it means I’ll still see her when I make trips down.




Lizz came back a second time later on in the day (I was actually there for 6 hours) and we split a snack. When Mikey got out of work, we all watched Buffy at his house! Just like as if we were in Philly.



Breakfast in their bright kitchen, which I’m jealous of.




We were super productive on Saturday and spent most of the day working on projects! I finished up my comics and Mikey did stuff for the Ambulars LP.


working on comics


Then we got thai food for my birthday dinner since my birthday is tomorrow.


bday dinner with mikey


On Sunday morning, folks came over to make brunch.

brunch at delafield



Sheena, such a babe.

brunch at delafield


Back to work on projects, or something like that? I don’t even remember what Mikey is doing here.



Here he’s working on a drawing assignment.






Pho for dinner. I got home today and already wanna go back. <3

pho with mikey

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