Come on, February.

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I had a pretty quiet week again. I was feeling particularly gloomy toward the beginning of it, because of grey skies and feeling like I’m behind on a lot of things, but the week improved as it went on.

This little boo boo is one of the only people I hung out with in the early half of the week. Who needs pants?

lil champ


You can almost see how quiet and easy-going he is even just from photos.



In the early part of the week, Max, Bonnie and I also launched a new project,, a diy show and event listing for the Philly area! It’s an online listing but is also a printed calendar that we’re going to flyer the city with. Be on the look out! It’s nice how easy it came together with the three of us. Max proposed the project, and I had done the same thing in chicago ( but ran the calendar by myself. It’s significantly easier to do it with three of us.

diy phl calendar making


Unfortunately, this was also Lizz’s last week at home. She moved back to DC on Saturday which is a huge bummer because we had a totally harmonious household, and even though Lizz only lived here since August, we had built a pretty solid friendship based on nights at home watching buffy, eating ice cream, and havin real talk. My living situation has been totally in flux since I’ve lived here and it doesn’t seem like that’s going to stop. We found a replacement for Lizz who is moving in this week, but he’ll be moving out in 6 months too.

last night of chooglin


On Friday night I went to see some bands play at the Marvelous. The first band, Must Be Nice, actually had my old Philly roommate (our landlord), in it.

must be nice


Philly’s famous Amy O.



Laura commandeered my camera and took a whole lot of photos with it.



I don’t even know who took this one because Laura is in it…. Hmmm

at the marvelous


Philly’s famous Jesse Riggins talking to Katie. The first time I had met Jesse was actually while I was on tour with Katie and Allison’s other band, Bad Banana. I like that Philly is small enough that upon moving here it was obvious that Jesse and I would be in the same loose social circle. That might seem obvious because we’re all involved in the punk scene, but it wasn’t the case in Chicago. There were so many punk social groups and they were all really separate.



Laura. Judging by the hand in the photo, I’m guessing my friend Aaron took this photo? Wasn’t me.



Katie playing as Waxahatchee




Allison and Kyle playing in their new band, Swearin. They were really good.



On Saturday, I helped Lizz move out a bit, and Bonnie came over for a meeting about the print version of the calendar. Then I spent the whole rest of the night working on it. We’re trying to silkscreen them in the next couple days.

productive work space


Our downstairs is a lot more bare now, with the loss of a love seat and a coffee table that were in that nook by the windows/bookshelf, but I almost kind of like the emptiness.




Rover seemed to notice that Lizz was gone. He kept checking the empty room. This is also my new favorite photo of Rover.

new favorite rover photo


I spent all of Sunday meeting new families to work for, including one that might hire me full-time after Asher’s family moves. It will be sad when they go (not til July), but it’s exciting for a little change of pace, even if it’s just a new nanny gig. It also let me daydream about summer a little, which is always a nice way to spend a cold January Sunday.

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