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Last week, unfortunately, I had to take a last minute trip home to Michigan for a funeral. It was a really sad and weird week. I flew in to Chicago, since that’s easier and cheaper than flying directly in to Kalamazoo or Grand Rapids, which are the airports nearest to my home. I met up with Daniel and worked on drawing stuff while he went to class for the evening.



Daniel in his studio. He said he’s made a point to dress up for every first class during grad school. He loves to dress in proper menswear and looks for any excuse.

daniel shea in his studio


After his class, we stopped for a quick dinner at Xoco, which was really good, and then we made the drive to Michigan for the next few days. Needless to say, I didn’t take any photos while I was there because there was a lot going on and it was really emotional and heavy.



It was really nice to be around all my friends from my hometown and to realize what a huge network of support we’ve created for ourselves. Daniel reiterated a few times how much he loves my hometown friends and said when he first met them years and years ago he really thought he had never met such a large group of people so down-to-earth and friendly. We drove back to Chicago through a terrible snow storm and it took us 4 hours to do the 2 hour drive. In the morning, Daniel made me a big breakfast so I wouldn’t have to buy airport food.



Oh, hello.

breakfast with D


Daniel’s roommate’s dog, Egon.



He kind of just looks like an oversized Rover.



I got back to Philly two days later. It was a whirlwind trip. On Saturday, I met up with Bonnie and Max. We’re starting a project together and we had our first meeting. It went really well and seems like it will be really organized.

planning meeting


Bonnie’s coat matched her new hair color. It was cute.



Mikey drove up for a visit and we went to a show at Cloud City, a house in West Philly. DC bands were playing so half of his roommates were there too, and lots of Philly friends of course.

show at cloud city


Brad and Rob, from DC



On Sunday we went to Grindcore House after a slow, sleepy sick morning at home and then came back and had a sushi house dinner. We had planned to go to a show in West Chester but Mikey and I were both sick and opted to stay in.

sushi house dinner

sushi house dinner


That jumpsuit is my roommate Lizz’s house coat.



A photo Mikey snapped of me



Jacob, doin chef stuff, making us noodles and salad






Classy. This is the first time Lizz has been home in a month. It was nice to have a proper house dinner.

sushi house dinner

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