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Sorry for the delayed photo post this week. I’m a little off track. Last week I returned to work with Smash, and it was so nice to see my little man and see how much he had grown over the three weeks. He’s now scooting all around and even has gotten his first tooth!



That’s Asher and his dad, Donnie.



On Friday I took the bus to DC where I had big plans to cuddle all weekend. I also planned to see some bands, like Slingshot Dakota.



I arrived to Mikey’s bedroom to find these presents waiting for me.



One was a pad of drawing paper, one was a package of the drawing pens I use, one was a bag of coffee beans, and the other was a mix cd.





Mikey really outdid himself. I’m constantly charmed and flattered by this dude. He makes me blush all the time.



Aside from laying around watching movies, we did go to Sticky Fingers for coffee/food



and went to another show, where these lovely ladies had set up a vegan bake sale.



Dan Bress and Mike Riley had also come down from Baltimore for the show.



We also went out to brunch with Lizz, my roommate, who I hadn’t seen all month and really miss.






I don’t have many photos this week. Not only did I spend most of the week just catching up on drawing, and most of the weekend just cuddling with someone I care a lot about, I also found out some terrible news about the passing of a friend that left me out of sorts and really off track. I’m flying home to Michigan on Wednesday and I’m sure that’s when it will really hit me.


Having lived away from home for a long time now, Ryan isn’t someone that I saw often anymore, but I did see him two weeks ago while I was in Michigan and I’m so happy for that. Ryan was part of my closest circle of friends growing up and was the source of so much fun from four-wheeling to jet-skiing to massive bonfires to mudding in his truck. Aside from that, he had the kindest heart and really cared about all of us and made sure we knew it. While I was sitting in his house this December, I was thinking about how funny it is that by now our interests are so different but when we get together it doesn’t matter at all, it just feels right to be around them. I’m so glad I grew up with all of these people. They really shaped me as a person and I respect and love them so much. This is the photo I posted of him from two weeks ago.


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