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On Monday, my buddy Ian was still in town. We headed over to our friend Mike’s house to play ping pong in his basement. Charlie was there too.


ian comes to town


After ping pong, we went to Satellite for food and coffee before Mike and Ian headed to Braddock. Mike was coincidentally visiting Braddock that day so it saved Ian a megabus ride home.



That night, at home, we had a major roommate chill out night. When that happens, it generally looks as indulgent as this. We ate candy and popcorn and watched the Godfather, which Lizz had never seen before.



I spent a lot of the week working on comics, going to my nanny job, and working on a Hanukkah present for a dude I’ve been hangin out with. I made him one silly present to open for each day of Hanukkah. I’m still working on the one for the 8th day though. I didn’t get it done in time.

a Hanukkah advent


On Friday night, I headed down to DC with Karen and Peter to see the Ambulars play! A band called Foozle kicked off the show and they were really good. The singer is someone who has been playing punk songs since he was 13. His first band played in the basement of the Frisby House, which was the punk house I lived at in Baltimore. It’s so rad that he’s been so actively involved in punk from such an early age.



It was so good to see Jen Twigg, who was in town from Chicago for the holidays, and plays in the Ambulars. And of course it was really nice to see Mikey, who also plays in the Ambulars, because I’m sweet on him.



Someone snapped this photo of me with my camera. I think maybe it was Mikey or Jen. My eyelashes look weird in it.



Look how tough Jen is.



My friend Max’s band, Very Happy, also played and they were great as usual.



The Ambulars played for the first time since their tour this summer. They need to all live in the same city because their band rules and they should play more often.

the ambulars


After the show, we all went for food at Food for Thought, the place next to the Black Cat in DC. It’s a good late night spot for vegan food.



It was really nice to see everyone and have a good hang out, especially knowing that a lot of folks just finished their really stressful finals week and could actually relax a little bit.




Carni, Rob and Shira


food for thought


I crashed at Mikey’s and in the morning we headed out for Baltimore, where the Ambulars were recording that day. Mikey with the band fund.

moneybags mikey


I was headed to Baltimore to see my friend Kate play music that night but didn’t have plans for most of the day, so I hung around while the Ambulars tracked drums for their first LP, 10 songs! I’m excited for it to come out.

ambulars recording session


They grew out their hair specifically for recording. They thought it would make them “sound more official on the record.”

ambulars recording session


Joe, their friend who recorded them, also grew his hair in solidarity.







Recording is kind of boring and takes a long time. I got some drawing done while hangin out though!



Lunch break



Two of my favorite people, Jen and Mikey.

two favorites




ambulars recording session


Around five, my Baltimore buddy, Dan Bress, picked me up and we hung out for a few hours at his house catching up and having some really real talk. He also wanted to show me his house, which he’s been working on and trying to decorate with things he buys at estate sales. He has a great aesthetic! Somehow I didn’t snap any photos of Dan.




After getting dinner at One World, Dan and I headed down to Pigtown to see one of my best buddies play a show as Brave, her new music project. She’s only played a few shows. She sounded so good! Kate and I lived together in the Frisby House and she would always play songs around the house but never play in front of people. I’m really glad she is now.



The fluffiest cat



Mikey and I crashed at Kate’s place. It was so nice to catch up with her and meet new people in her life,

kateteen forever


including her roommate’s new dog, Hazel, who was very sweet.

hazel the dog


Hazel and her person, Emilja.

hazel and emilja




I took the megabus back to Philly this morning in time to greet Daniel, who just got to town today for a visit. I hadn’t seen him in three months! Daniel is my best friend and still lives in Chicago.

daniel comes to town


We spent tonight eating takeout and watching movies.



A night in is the only thing to do really when you want to catch up with someone you haven’t seen in too long.


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