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last week during oly class, coach jim and marcy



it was a pretty good week for me. i got personal records on both of my olympic lifts (the snatch and the clean and jerk) and also on my front squat. here’s elie epically failing a rep when she was going for a personal record. she came back and got it on the next rep.

oly class


and marcy looking tough as ever dropping the bar



lizz fiiiiinally got back to town so we got to catch up on some much needed real talk and buffy viewing, during the daytime even, since i had thursday off work. it was a nice change of pace. and i finally got to the infamous musical episode. very much worth the hype.



we also decorated the house a bunch and it feels cozier than ever! i made the pennant banner to hang over the windows with fabric that i’ve carried with me for so many years. it was originally curtains in the frisby house for a brief minute. then table cloth in chicago, then a dog bed cover for rover, then my beach sheet, and now the banner. the amount of usable fabric on it kept getting smaller and smaller as it wore out and got dirty.

decorating the house


we also finally hung things in the yellow room, which has been this blaring yellow for months with nothing on the walls. the giant sun painting in this photo was done by my roommate jacob. my roommate lizz thought it gave bad aggro vibes, so it’s been sitting in the basement. But we got another huge wall hanging to hang across from it to tame the aggression. i personally like the aggression. it makes me think of being powerful at the gym and getting PR’s on my lifts.



on thursday night i went to the littlebar with heatherann to see stockpile and hounds of hate and brown sugar. it was surprisingly fun (do you see how little faith i have in shows to actually be fun and not just be something that i do? haha. dismal. i’m getting old i think). i jokingly suggested heatherann eat this big pile of jalepenos.

heatheranns jalepeno challenge


heatherann, being down for whatever pretty much all the time, scooped them right up and popped them in her mouth.



this is why she’s one of my new favorites. tough as nails.

heatheranns jalepeno challenge


brown sugar was really rad and refreshing.



the singer was a weirdo in the way that makes you excited about a band and wonder what their deal is, rather than in the way where it just makes it seem like they’re trying too hard. they also played sax on a song, which also could’ve seemed like they were trying too hard but didn’t. it just sounded really rad.

brown sugar


the following day after work, i headed out via megabus for a weekend in DC. i had a little time to kill at 30th street station so i worked on comics.

mikey picked me up from the station with pizza in tow <3 we spent the night in watching movies. in the morning i found that brad had settled in for a day of doing homework and watching band of brothers, starting with episode 1. so i joined him and worked on comics while i watched.dc weekend


throughout the day, most of the other roommates joined too, including mikey when he got home from work. i thought band of brothers would be good to draw to, but mostly it was gunfire and explosions in the background unless i looked up and actually watched. haha.


eventually we pulled ourselves from the couches and made dinner

dc weekend


shannon, whose internet presence mostly revolves around her love of vegan baking, appropriately sat around reading vegan cookbooks. haha. it was cute. check out her vegan baking blog, which is really pretty! http://leavesandflours.blogspot.com/   shannon sent me home with a little bag of vegan peanut butter dog treats for rover, and a dress that was too small to fit her because it shrunk. shannon rules!
dc weekend


an art school photo in mikey’s room. we accidentally went to bed really early instead of socializing, but it was nice to catch up on sleep.


morning breakfast in their cute breakfast nook. their house has so many windows. such nice light.

dc weekend


we were entertained by this little guy for far too long. he joined us for breakfast.



later i forced mikey to play me some new songs.

dc weekend


he was a trooper about it but said i couldn’t watch because it made him nervous. i’m excited for him to record them because they’re really good. he writes some of my favorite music. and, to be fair, i liked his music before i knew him personally.

dc weekend


so bashful



i think i was packing up my bag on the floor and mikey took this photo because the light was pouring in



we went to a coffeeshop called qualia for most of the rest of the day since i had comics to work on and shannon and mikey both had a lot of homework to do. nerds.



i got so many comic pages done, though, and now i’m all caught up! it felt great.


dc weekend


we capped off the night with pho before i headed out to catch my megabus home. goood weekend. i’m excited to go back in a few weeks.

dc weekend

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  1. Shannon says:

    Jonesie the squirrel making his internet debut! No one has a more vivacious tail.

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