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i spent most of the week a little sick and run down, going to work, going to the gym, and coming home and going to bed early. try drawing comics about that! ha.

on thursday, however, my pal mouthwash was in town from chicago, where we were good buddies. his family lives outside of philly and graciously invited me to their family thanksgiving.

mattwalsh in the burbs


matt’s high school bedroom.



matt’s grandma on the phone. a phone with a cord! who knew those still existed? i didn’t take any gratuitous food photos but it was a decadent feast!



matt and his aunt allen.



on friday with smasher (his name is actually asher), my nanny baby



one of the cutest babies i’ve ever seen probably




i accidentally dressed us the same again. i tried to take a photo of it but failed.



twice. i didn’t realize i had put him in a plaid shirt similar to my own until nanny dad came down and said ‘wow! you guys are matching!’ nanny dad is a graphic designer and works from home so he comes down throughout the day and we talk about sci fi premonitions or ‘making it’ as an artist or food politics. we have a good rapport together, and he makes me really jealous that he works from home as an artist.



i spent most of the week home alone because my roommates went down to DC for the holiday. being home alone is easily one of my least favorite things. i get so paranoid and scared being in a big house alone. i’m not exactly sure why. i think it might be the result of some scary things that happened while i was home alone in baltimore that i can’t really shake. it prompted me to put up curtains on all my windows, which made me feel a little better.



if only rov dogg were ferocious! or even barked if he saw people outside… sometimes he does, but only if they’re right on our porch, which is useful i guess.



we had 60 degree weather this weekend so i took the opportunity to open all the windows in the house. i like to get fresh air inside. i hate when it starts to feel like stale dead air all the time in winter. when i opened our front windows the ghosts looked cool.

window decorations


my roommate jacob started doing this cool project where he draws everyone that comes over to our house in this really stylized way. they look really neat and i’ve found myself getting really excited when i come down the stairs and realize there’s a new portrait hanging up. they’re all exaggerated in a cool way.



thursday-saturday i was sick and feeling generally miserable, so i just went to work and stayed at home and worked on stuff and took naps. by sunday i was feeling better, fortunately, because we had an epic dog playdate planned. we met up at grindcore house in the morning for coffee.

morning dog playdate


then two carfuls of us took rover and valentine to the big dog park in the woods in NJ.



i like catching rover blinking. it’s photos like these that make me forget he isn’t human. part of the weirdest things about him having to wear his cone after surgery was being reminded that he’s a dog. he couldn’t navigate very well and it bummed me out that he didn’t have the foresight to compensate for the cone when walking around. haha. i immediately thought ‘awww it’s weird to see you act like a dog…’

accidental blink



dog park

dog park



as we sloshed around we realized all the leaves were actually on the ground and the trees really looked like winter. sigh.




dogpile. we did one lap with rover on the leash and one lap with him off. v stayed on the leash the whole time because she doesn’t have much training yet and is just a wee pup. even though rover hasn’t shown any sign of aggression in two and a half years and has lived with several dogs by now, i stilllll get nervous letting him off leash and i’m still proud every time he interacts well with another dog. he used to attack other dogs.



dog drinking fountain

dog park



it was so warm out! it was the perfect day to be outside.

dog park


aaron and mike



me, heatherann and aaron

dog park

dog park


our goal was to get rover and valentine to sit next to each other so we could get a good photo of them, but it just wouldn’t work. they were so scrambly. this is the closest i got! valentine is karen and peter’s puppy. she’s getting big and less energetic but she still has plenty of puppy energy.


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