The Return of Kettner

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this past week i was determined to catch up! i had let myself fallen behind with Year One comics, as well as with commissions that were piling up. i spent most nights working on projects and babysitting and getting too little sleep. i’m still not quite caught up but i’m much closer.

on wednesday, karen had a pizza potluck. she lives pretty far north, in fishtown, so she doesn’t get a lot of visitors since most members of our social group live in south or west philly. rather than just bring a topping, i decided to make some pizza cookies! i had made them last year for my chicago pal leslie’s pizza birthday party. pizza cookies are weird and delicious. the “sauce” was raspberry jam and the toppings were sliced grapes. the “cheese” is coconut. clever?



it was just a small get together which was perfect. heatheranne, aaron, and lizz all went up too.



we made veganĀ and non-vegan pizzas.



ender, the cat





a regular day with smasher. last week i had two 13 hour days with him! i have another one of those tomorrow. fortunately he’s an easy baby. i thought he might have trouble transitioning to winter clothes since he’s a late spring baby and literally has not experienced cold weather yet in his entire lifetime! but he doesn’t seem to mind being bundled up at all. he’s my little champ.



on saturday morning my gym hosted it’s very first competition. my coach has been asking me to take photos of events in trade for gym membership, which is the best, because paying for the gym is a little outside of my means but it’s too worth it for me to not do. so i make it work. but now it’s less of a financial stress. the first event in the competition was a prowler push. it’s a 5 second sprint to push this weighted slide as far as you can.

prowler push


the second event was a handstand hold.

handstand holds


handstand competitions are so fun to watch! at our gym the purpose of doing handstands is just as much about strength as it is about balance and form, so we do handstands against the wall, enabling people to stay up longer, which turns the handstand into a strength movement. the longest handstand hold was over three minutes which is so. hard.



regular gym dogs, rupert and mattox.



the final event is a normal crossfit workout called the crossfit disco. it’s an alternating ladder of pull-ups and box jumps. so you do 10 pullups, then 10 box jumps, then 9 pull ups, then 9 box jumps, then 8 pull ups, then 8 box jumps, all the way down to zero. in this competition they allowed scaling, so you can see everyone in this heat using assistance bands, since they can’t do 55 pull-ups yet.

battle of the bands


in two other heats, everyone did it without assistance.



for unassisted women’s winners, there was a tie. so they had a brutal tie-breaker! the two top women had to do as many burpees as they could within a certain amount of time. but they had to do burpees with a target. meaning rather than just jump up and clap your hands over your head, they had to jump and hit a target. the extra jump makes them even more exhausting.

battle of the bands


after the competition, i went downstairs for my olympic lifting class, and spent two more hours doing lifts. i was at the gym from 9am to 3pm. haha.



here’s abbey with good form on a snatch



i came home, made some dinner, and watched buffy with lizz and carni, who was visiting for the weekend from DC. then we all went to a show, which i forgot my camera for.

a visit from carni


after the show, i went down to my friends house in south philly, the bookhouse. our good friend kettner, who moved to the bay area a few months ago, was in town visiting his old stompin ground. so they threw a big kettner style sleepover party.



it was really fun! i had just planned to hang for a little while and then head back home since i didn’t get a lot of sleep the previous two nights, but i ended up sleeping over afterall.



we made bonus cups, which is a drink the descendents invented, consisting of 1/3 cup instant coffee, water, and 5 tablespoons of sugar. it was one of the most disgusting things i’ve ever drank, but i still drank a good amount of it. liz prince was also in town visiting to hang out with kettner!



we played a really fun game of apples to apples, where instead of using the noun cards provided by the board game, we came up with a huge stack of philly and friend-group related noun cards. it made the game really funny and personal. things included were friends names, friends houses, iconic clothing items, kettner’s missing tooth, etc….. haha.

homemade apples to apples



monica dancing on liz


homemade apples to apples


homemade apples to apples



last year kettner thew a sleepover party with a sleepover theme. they played silly sleepover board games, made prank calls, and instead of playing seven minutes in heaven, they played seven seconds in heaven, in which 7 people would go in the bathroom and mosh to a seven seconds song. so they decided to play seven seconds in heaven again.


7 seconds in heaven







bookhouse sleepover

bookhouse sleepover


the rest of the night was a dance party, bonus cups, candy, and lots of catching up


bookhouse sleepover



bookhouse sleepover



i don’t know why, but this happened.



after a bunch of people left at around 4am, we made a cuddle pile by pushing the couches together and watched Hook.



it was a really good night. philly is not the same without kettner around.

cuddle pile



after waking up on sunday morning after sleeping for 2 hours at the bookhouse, aaron and i went to staples to make more copies of our zines.



then we headed up to the barbary to see the sick fix and coke bust show. a lot of great people were there, including ambrose.

at the show


and bonnie and laura and guy

at the show

at the show



this guy walking by started doing juggling tricks for everyone outside the show, including balancing a bike on his chin by the kickstand. it looked painful!



and then TWO bicycles! it was impressive.



laura commandeered my camera for a minute.



it was so nice to see michelle! it had been too long. we were great buds when i lived in baltimore and she’s always been an inspiration to me. she was the first older straightedge lady in a band that i became friends with when i moved to baltimore when i was 18. someone to look up to for sure.


sick fix





a friend of the bookhouse, kevin, was visiting and agreed to give liz, kettner, jon and i matching tattoos. so i rode my bike down to the bookhouse last night to get mine done.



in january, the first time i had ever met jon and liz and my second time visiting philly and hangin out with kett, we all saw a terrible movie called season of the witch. it was so bad! but we played it up and took photos with the movie poster and joked about getting matching season of the witch tattoos. almost a year later, we actually did it. you can see the drawing of the tattoo in this photo.

matching tattoos


stilgar, the bookhouse cat! stilgar is pretty cool, for a cat.



liz getting her morton salt witch



this was a really great weekend filled with all the people who initially made me fall in love with philly. i don’t see south philly folks as often these days, nor do epic hang outs happen as frequently now that it’s cold and dark most of the time, so it was a really nice reminder about why philly rules and why i’m here.

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5 Responses to The Return of Kettner

  1. Karen M. says:

    yay philly <3 <3 <3
    good weekend indeed! omg that photo of liz, cody, and i "dancing" and by dancing i mean how i look awkward, liz is sweeping the floor, and cody is about to pounce on liz haha. sigh…suuuuch a good weekend :o)

  2. zig says:

    because they can’t do 55 pull-ups *yet*. dang, i like to think i have decent upper-body strength for someone who doesn’t lift and stuff but i bet i can’t do two.

    • Ramsey says:

      but you COULD do 55 with the right assistance band and then you’d be that much closer to being able to do 2 without any help at all. that’s the point =0) some of the ladies in the competition just graduated from using bands and they powered through that thing with no help at all and i’m sure they never thought they’d do 55 pullups in their lifetime.

  3. jen says:

    i love that picture of lizz and carni!!!!

  4. Laura says:

    I think I recognize my friend Ariel from high school in a couple of these pictures. if so, hi Ariel! and crazy!

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