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this week i took rover to the vet and discovered that he needs to get surgery to remove a little tumor from his ear. he gets the surgery tomorrow. it’s non-invasive and shouldn’t be too big of a deal, it’s just expensive of course. here’s rover on the way to the vet last week! thanks for the ride, max.

rover dog


if you ever wonder what my work day is like as a nanny, this is pretty much it! smash sleeps in the morning, we do the lunch routine, and then we go sit in the park and hang out. usually we people watch while drinking coffee and writing letters. there are always musicians and performers and birds and teenagers in the park and smash seems generally content sitting in his stroller or in my lap watching everything going on.



he’s a happy, easy, quiet baby. most parents would be pretty envious i think.



i mean, really.

nanny baby


when we want a quieter day, we go to chestnut park instead of rittenhouse. chesnut is this little park tucked in to the middle of a city block. it’s carved into the space where a business would have been. so it’s shady and hidden and not many people go there. but there’s a fountain and lots of tables for sitting at. i usually go there with smash to eat lunch.






smash’s grandma is in town, so it’s been all hands on deck, quite literally.

nanny baby

all in a day's work


midway through the week, our friend welch came for a brief visit. we had friends over for dinner one night, and then went to a dinner at joanna’s house the next. here’s lizz making hir signature gluten-free tiny apple pies.



at joanna’s. welch and jacob on the left. jules and shay on the right.



my roommates, jacob and lizz



shannon and jeremy too!



on friday night there was a halloween ‘fall ball’ at my gym. it was pretty silly and people did a team workout in costume before having a paleo potluck.



one of my coaches, dressed as another one of our coaches (who you can see in the background), trying on the boobs of another person’s costume. what.

'fall ball' at crossfit center city


rupert, one of the regular gym dogs

'fall ball' at crossfit center city


len doing double unders during the workout

'fall ball' at crossfit center city


for a potluck at a gym, there sure were a lot of sweets! granted, they were all gluten free. the whole potluck was.



they held a drawing for someone to win a free cycle of olympic lifting training, something i’ve wanted to try, but it’s far too expensive for me. here’s one of my main coaches shouting my name because i won the drawing! i start olympic lifting training today and i’m really excited about it.



on saturday i went down to grindcore house with my friend aaron to work on projects.

grindcore house work day


a whole cast of friends were there throughout the day, including jon and kyle.



and karen and peter, and eventually mikey, who drove up from DC, but is hiding in this photo.



mikey and i proceeded to have the laziest weekend. we ate lots of bad food and candy and watched movies until sunday night.



we did take a lazy time out sunday morning to get brunch where my roommate lizz works. mikey took this photo with my camera.

sunday brunch


and this one

sunday brunch


we ate really decadent crepes and then walked home to watch more movies

sunday brunch


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