Philly Halloweekend

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this week i caught the halloween spirit. in previous cities and social circles, halloween hasn’t been a big deal, but in philly, there was a whole weekend calendar of events that people have been gearing up for all month. it made me realize how much i like this holiday.

i started out the week on monday with a few friends carving pumpkins. we listened to alkaline trio and the misfits and roasted pumpkin seeds.




rover was confused by my camera sitting on the chair i guess




the week with nanny baby, asher, went by really fast. it included a day where i just drove around with nanny dad looking for stuff for our halloween costumes.

smiley face


i’ve been teaching smasher the ways of peek-a-boo



he’s pretty into it



i spent my evenings making this costume out of things i found at the thrift store. my south philly friends have a “halloween hat” tradition, in which they come up with tons of silly costume ideas and put them all in a hat for everyone to pull out of. if you pull a costume idea out of the hat, you have to be it! it isn’t optional. i got hulk hoagie (though i was later informed that the hat is rigged! this costume was chosen for me rather than pulled out. haha). my roommate lizz went as pris from bladerunner.



pris and unicourtney love (a halloween hat idea, of course)



jennifer juggalopez



benjamin franklinstein



pris, j. lo and daria



daria and a lumberjack. peter broke the halloween hat rules. he pulled elvis rastello but didn’t do it because of time/money.



friday night was a costume party at the catsle. it was pretty fun and silly. lots of dancing.



saturday we woke up to some miserable weather. my bedroom windows have been steaming up these days so when i first wake up i can’t tell what the weather is actually like.



a slide taped to my window

a slide on my foggy window


much to my surprise, it was snowing! i like any excuse to wear my bean boots, which i acquired for 6 bucks.


i tried to take a snowy photo but rover ran down the stairs to look at something. haha.



saturday night was a west philly cover band show. the snowy day almost made us not want to go but jacob came home with andy and they were both pumped and ready to have a fun saturday night, which in turn made lizz and i both more excited. we didn’t want to wear the same costumes from the previous night, so we threw together some things real fast. jacob had been preparing his bruce dickinson (singer from iron maiden) costume all month. andy went as neil young. lizz went as death from the comic book, the sandman. i just wore corpse paint.




zia was dressed as a straightedge. (she’s actually straightedge)



she played in a really good pixies cover band



on the far left is jennifer juggalopez. did you recognize her?



i gave andy that skull tattoo on his chest. things got wild (with a rubber stamp….)



i came home with white facepaint, which i didn’t have on when i left the house. some other corpses insisted on adding it to my face.



bananagrams is a household standby



i spent most of sunday in a coffeeshop catching up on comics, which i reeally neglected to do this week. i’m almost caught up now though. i was flying through them. i had a really productive day. on the way out, i saw a friend who implored me to go the halloween dumpster derby that was about to happen. he said it only lasts 20 minutes but is really worth it. he was right. zia and the west philly crews jurassic park derby car.






it was a much bigger event than i expected. tons of people lined the streets. lots of people shot off fireworks. everyone cheered. neighbors came out of their houses to watch. everyone waited for the cops to come.


dumpster derby


so many people!



friend group



zia on a rolling chair. she’s fearless.





six cop cars showed up and everyone left. i guess that’s how it goes every year. some years they show up right away. everyone was surprised they didn’t show up faster.


dumpster derby

philly halloweekend lived up to it’s hype.

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