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fall has been quiet ’round these parts. here’s another shorter picture post.

i’ve mostly settled in to a strict routine of going to work and then going to the gym five days a week. it means i’m free starting at 7pm each night which doesn’t leave a lot of room for socializing on weeknights. i’m very okay with this.

i work with this little man named asher. he can’t do much yet but he’s starting to do more and more every day. he’s about to be 7 months old which is hard to believe! i can’t wait until he starts to crawl. it’s going to be a gamechanger for my job for sure. being a nanny for the first two years of a child’s life is really interesting because the job has built in “job growth” in the way that every 3 months are completely different from the last. The day to day might get a little stale, but over time there’s a lot of change of pace.



recently he just learned how to shake his head as if he were saying no. he doesn’t do it to actually say no, but he will do it in response to your shaking your head, which is pretty rad. it’s the first really cognizant response he’s given aside from just reaching out and grabbing things or watching things.




a day at the gym last week, death by thrusters. thrusters are hard. the workout was actually called ‘death by thrusters.’



i was feeling pretty antisocial last week but tried to make myself socialize anyway. i went to foos tues at hazel house, a vegan pizza and foosball get together.



my favorite dog next to rover was there, henry!



on thursday night was the famed bates motel trip. i visited philly last year for the philly zine fest, and only knew one or two people here. they took me on a trip to go to the bates motel haunted hayride, and there were 30 punks from philly there. it’s pretty much how i met everyone i know now, and how i decided to move to philly. so this was really like my one year philly friendiversary. we all met up at zia’s.



and then headed out to the bates motel. you can’t take photos while you’re there, but it’s a haunted hay ride, haunted corn trail, and a haunted house. it’s really cheesy and fun. 35 of us went this year.



on the way home (as we did last year as well), we went to the llanerch diner.







this was my scream team. we went in the very front for everything and screamed a lot because we were the most easily scared out of our crew. we weren’t actually scaaaared of course, we just got startled a lot. i’m good at letting myself get totally freaked out in a moment. even if it’s a cheesy halloween costume, if someone is creeping toward me with the intention to freak me out, i’ll totally back away slowly and end up running away squealing. ha. don’t even try to watch a scary movie with me. or walk alone in the dark with me.

scaredy cat crew


we took half the hayride home with us/ this is my roommate lizz.

bringing the hayride home


i had a weirdly productive day on saturday where i just wanted to work on our house. i cleaned out the front room so that there’s no clutter in there anymore, and cleaned the whole house. then i decided i wanted to decorate with cheesy halloween decorations, so lizz and i watched bad tv and set to work.




mikey came for a visit from DC and helped us finish decorating, then we all got thai takeout.



andy came over too, and we spent the night listening to music and having a work night in which we all worked on homework or drawing projects. i live in a functional household and have productive friends. it rules.

at home with rover


by the end of the night, rover had fallen into the crack of the couch. the cushions always slide out. i think rover likes to lay in the crack.



daytime decorations and the newly cleaned out front room

cheesy halloween decorations



cheesy halloween decorations


we decided to have another lazy day. this one included pizza and movies all day (the craft and scream 4). poor mikey. whenever he visits we never leave our house. here we are walking to get pizza. does that count as leaving our house?



dude thinks he’s tough

tough mikey


jacob, my roommate, and mikey

mikey and jacob

and i leave you with this. jacob normally dresses this way when we’re in the house. we also have a plaid-only dress code.

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