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i hardly took any photos this week even though i was very social! i’m not sure why. i guess because i was mostly hanging out with new people and i don’t like to start harassing people with my camera until i know them a little better. i didn’t take any photos until this weekend.

saturday morning, my roommates, lizz and jacob, and i went shopping for jeggings.



we did not find any jeggings but i bought a silly bomber jacket.

roommate shopping trip


lizz bought some socks

roommate shopping trip


on saturday night, i went to a show at a punk frat house called pilam. i actually liked the space a lot. i met up with mike from good luck, who just moved to philly. he seems like he’ll be a good friend to have around. i feel partially responsible for him moving here because we talked on the phone a few times as i was about to move to philly because he was looking for advice for weighing the pros and cons of moving.



these are my pals, mary chen and kev. they play in a band called bore war. philly makes me stoked because people older than me are still really actively starting new projects and are not all jaded.

bore war


pizza with mike



algernon cadwallader



after the show we went to new friend aaron’s house for a bonfire and video game party that his roommates were throwing. it was a really funny mix of people, but aaron’s friends were all nice. here’s melissa at the fire.







aaron wearing cj’s bike helmet, which is so silly!





my friend dj came over too. after the fire we played mario kart into the wee hours of the night while a french vietnamese film played on the projected and secret cities played on the record player. it was strange and fun.



sunday i spent 6 hours at coffeeshops getting my latest pages of Year One drawn. the pages i just finished officially mark the halfway point of this project, which means as of yesterday i’ve lived in philly for exactly half a year now. hopefully the second half rules too.


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