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i hardly did anything this week. i was mostly feeling anti-social and unmotivated. i lurked around my house a lot, killed so much time on the internet, went to bed early each night, and generally felt sort of lonely and weird. change of the season i suppose.

i slowly worked through three more pages of Year One but had trouble working up the excitement to do so.



i went back to work after two full weeks off. my little man was in the best mood all week and finally sleeping again, which makes my job extra great. he had had a month of very little sleep prior to that for some reason.

best baby


he also started trying foods, which means part of my job is now to make him baby purees out of fresh fruits and veggies, which is sort of fun. another new part of my job is trying to avoid getting baby food all over my clothes.

best baby


the other part is to kill time while making sure he has stimulation. i typically do this by walking around center city and planting myself in rittenhouse square for people watching. there’s always street performers, lots of kids, and all sorts of strangers who want to talk to us. it makes my day go by faster than if we were sitting at his house.

just another day at the office


i also went to the gym five days in a row last week. this summer i had only been making it in 2 or 3 times a week if i was lucky, but now that things are more routine i’m going to try to get in monday-friday. it means i’ll start making improvements on my lifts much faster, which is what i’m after. last week we did a cool workout called a turkish getup, but instead of using a kettlebell, we used these giant sandbags. it was awkward and funny and hard.



there was sand everywhere because the sandbags at the gym were homemade. my gym is pretty diy if you couldn’t tell. most crossfit gyms that i’ve seen are like this, at least the ones i can afford (which is still pretty tough)

at the gym


smasher and i met karen for lunch one day last week. that’s about all the socializing i did all week, aside from talking to my roommate and friends on the phone from out of town.



saturday morning glow in my studio

morning glow


i forced myself to leave the house on saturday to meet up with two new friends to work on projects together at the green line cafe. heatherann



and aaron



then i spent the night at home eating pizza and watching friends with benefits. yikes. someone drag me out of my house this week. i’m feeling like a spinster.

afternoon glow

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