Dinner parties and a trip to Boston

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a picture post in which we had a housewarming dinner and karen and i take a trip to boston to visit liz prince…



i had the week off last week so i buckled down and got a lot of drawing done, despite feeling generally lazy without my routine in place



a reference photo for a comic page that ended up with night light

reference photo


an impromptu trip to blackbird for vegan pizza with my roommate, lizz



a day at the gym last week when two people brought in their puppies. i go to crossfit center city. this tiny boston terrier puppy kept sticking its head all the way in the mouth of the great dane puppy.



unbearably cute

dog eat dog


back at home, my pup rover with nice light pouring in the windows

nice light


the sun has been casting the infamous long shadows of cooler weather lately, earlier and earlier in the afternoon.

nice light


i’m still charging ahead with my year one comics project. i’m 53 pages in. almost to the half way point of the project!



it helps that my roommates like to have house drawing nights



and that friends like to have coffeeshop drawing days. i need to meet up with joelle more often. she’s a good work buddy.

coffeeshop work day


shira visited from DC this week and led the charge for a big rosh hashana dinner. she prompted our first dinner/housewarming party since the new roommies have been here.



we even had challah and apples dipped in honey, which i guess is the traditional food you’re supposed to eat for that holiday?


rosh hashana dinner


somehow, upon moving to philly, almost my whole social network that i ended up surrounding myself with most often are from the dc area originally.

rosh hashana dinner


rosh hashana dinner

rosh hashana dinner


we ended the night with bananagrams

rosh hashana dinner



the following morning we all went to grindcore house and had a work day


grindcore house work day


then i headed to the megabus to meet karen to go to boston for a long weekend

philly life


i got a lot of letter writing done on the long trip there. i always catch up on letters when i’m in transit.


on the way to boston


our bus broke down in the rain and we all unloaded into a tiny dunkin donuts in the rain and waited an hour for a new bus to come. we ended up getting in to boston at midnight instead of 10pm.



liz prince was there to greet us



i slept in her studio. i love seeing other people’s studios



and other people’s pajamas



she lives right above a bike path that exits the train, so we spent half our time people watching out her windows. there was always so much good spying to do.



the famed wolfman



on friday morning we went out to brunch and then walked around in cambridge


a visit to liz prince


and looked at a lot of comics



then we rode the bus out to mt. auburn cemetary




it was a beautiful day. this tree had a huge growth. it was weird.

mt. auburn cemetary


and there was a dog grave in the cemetary, also weird



we posed on BP and Cheney’s tomb (b.p. cheney)

mt. auburn cemetary


liz is always saucy



if you couldn’t tell from her comics

mt. auburn cemetary


an amazing climbing tree

mt. auburn cemetary


and a really tall climbing tower


mt. auburn cemetary




this would be really colorful if we had gone a few weeks later



mt. auburn cemetary


we found this creepy pond with so many frogs in it



all the frogs would squeak and jump in when we walked by



more of the nicest light

mt. auburn cemetary

P1120244mt. auburn cemetary

mt. auburn cemetary

mt. auburn cemetary


spot the frog



on the way home we stopped for coffee, of course



we went to liz’s downstairs neighbors and best friends place, maris and joe’s

at maris' and joe's


they have a huge cat, appropriately named biggs. they’re trying to help him lose weight.



we cooked an epic meal, lead by maris, and played boggle while we waited

at maris' and joe's


liz and maris



post-meal nap and america’s funniest home videos. i was really surprised at how funny it still was. i’d never really thought about it but it that show was basically pre-youtube



maris and joe

at maris' and joe's


we spent the rest of the night and next morning drawing and reading comics at liz’s place



and then went back to maris and joe’s to make a big breakfast



breakfast burrito prep




they made us smoothies while we cooked. best hosts.



bacon and fake bacon. can you tell which is which? haha




joe and maris both draw comics professionally. another peak at a studio space.



the whole weekend there was some festival called honk, an activist street band festival? so there was marching band music and cheering and dancing in the background of everything we did in davis square



which is a very quiet/quaint place



liz’s cat, dracula



another gem at liz’s house, on her bed.






that night we went out to dinner at a place called the friendly toast and met up with one of my best college friends, joe! he just moved to boston in june.







on the way home, a rainy evening in boston

boston skyline


rainy night in boston


liz’s cute apartment, in the morning. maris came up for coffee



liz and wolfman

liz and wolfman


in davis square, remnants of honk fest



at a place called flour, for lunch on sunday



walking around boston before catching our bus

boston harbor


one day i’ll build a boat, hopefully one that’s a little more successful than this one

boston harbor


silly group photos

group shots



group shots

group shots

we had an epic megabus ride home that included a moving truck breaking down right in front of us on a really high, sharp curve of an overpass heading onto the george washington bridge going in new york city. our bus driver tried to squeeze by so we could keep traveling, and was literally inches away from a guardrail that would lead us plunging to our doom to the highway below. it was a unifying experience for the bus. we were all leaning over the windows looking down to see if we were going to make it. in the end the bus driver realized he could not squeeze through without us DYING so the drivers of the broken down moving truck directed traffic and got everyone to back up down the ramp we were on so we could back up and take another ramp into the bronx. we got into the bronx and were barreling toward a tunnel when the bus driver realized we might not clear it since it was a double decker so he slammed on the breaks. scary times. haha. everyone on the bus was friends afterward. near death experiences do that.

epic ride home

the next bus driver even tried to put on a bootlegged movie because he felt bad, but then some idiot complained so he turned it off. ooooh megabus.


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  1. jen says:

    my friends!! haha i love it. even BOB. everything is full circle. you know what i’m talkin about………


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