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i had a really calm week in philly, mostly just staying in each night to work, feeling restless and anxious because i was really looking forward to my chicago trip and just wanted it to be the weekend already. i had some nice dinners with my roommates, though, and some nice buffy watchin with lizz, my roommate. i’m making this post from daniel’s studio in chicago!


jacob working on dinner for everyone

the man in his studio


setting the table while sean looks at arlo, the lizard



fine dining with jacob mazer

house dinners


sean and joanna came over for dinner, our first dinner guests.

house dinners


peach ice cream with balsamic reduction!



bathtime with smash. i love giving him a bath because he looks so darn cute, a little chubby munchkin.



!! see?

smiliest little guy



littlest guy. i can still hold him with one arm.

smasher after a bath


my other snuggle bug, i love catching rover using my pillows like a human



saturday morning i left for chicago



flying in over lake michigan



i arrived and daniel was most excited to show me his new motorcycle, first thing. he just got it two weeks ago.

dshea and his motorcycle


but he looks like a natural



in daniel’s living room.



making afternoon smoothies with igon looking on



then we went for a ride. he was nervous about driving anyone on it but after a few swings around the parking lot he realized it wasn’t really scary. so we rode around town to a lot of different spots. it was a fun, new way to experience chicago.

tough guys


we met up for an early dinner at thai lagoon, my favorite thai spot, with leslie and jen. daniel loves to frown for my photos =0( mostly because he knows it drives me crazy



thai lagoon


after dinner we rode over to the old monument 2 gallery to see paul cowan’s solo show. i got to see paul’s last solo show right before i moved out of chicago. it was cool to see a follow up of the work he’s been making.



then we rode down to pilsen to andy’s recording studio



i took a nap on the couch while they worked on the pre-master of their new like rats album.

andy in the studio


we had other plans to go out but recording stuff went late so we opted to go home and eat ice cream and watch tv. i made daniel watch buffy… haha.

movies and ice cream


we watched the ‘hush’ episode



sunday morning i dropped in at crossfit chicago, which is where a lot of my lady friends in chicago joined up! i’m so excited that they’re all doing crossfit. i’ve been trying to convince all of them to try it for as long as i’ve been doing it and they finally all gave it a shot and love it. they work out in an all ladies class, three times a week.



it was really fun to get to work out with all my friends! something we’ve never really done together before. we did a brutal workout called ‘fight gone bad’ which is modeled after the timing of an MMA fight. you have partners and one person counts all your reps. here’s leslie preparing her board for keeping count.



teresa with perfect form on her sumo deadlift high pull



cfc straightedge ladies crew!

workin out with all my lady friends who recently joined up at crossfit chicago! so stoked for them


how we actually felt after that work out, which is known to be a very hard, very exhausting workout.

crossfit chicago straightedge ladies crew


we all went out for a shaky, sweaty brunch at the handlebar afterward



afterward i went back to D’s house. he had a tattoo appointment scheduled with max kuhn while he was in town but max canceled because his tattoo gun was acting funny. so we watched another movie and drank post workout smoothies. we watched xmen – wolverine. it was bad but fun to watch.

movies and smoothies



after going to get groceries and making a big salad, we headed over to brian and julia’s amazing loft apartment for a going away dinner party for our friend caitlin. she’s moving to omaha.

caitlin's dinner party


brian and julia only rent this space but they did a ton of amazing work on it!



they even built this amazing yellow barn door themselves and put it on a big sliding track to separate their workspace from their living space


caitlin's dinner party



caitlin's dinner party


caitlin's dinner party


it was a rainy night so we just went home and fell asleep to a steve martin movie. haha. this morning we came in to daniel’s studio space. he showed me everything he’s working on for grad school. he’s taking a very different direction with his work and as always, it’s very thoroughly considered.



in daniel's studio


we’ve been here all morning working on stuff. the rest of the day? matching tattoos with matt walsh, chicago style pizza, and the rvivr show at strangelight.


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