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in my room at night with rover. some nights when i can pull myself away from ‘work’ (drawing comics, doing things that have deadlines, etc), i’ll ‘go to bed early’ and lay around on my bed listening to records, chatting online, and writing long letters to friends. i need to remember to do this more often.

in my room


my new roommates and i after dinner one night, eating freezee pops and hangin out with the new house pet, arlo, a leopard gecko. lizz has him on loan while a friend is in europe.



lizz had a gecko for a long time growing up. she’s a natural!

arlo the lizard


not so natural… i had a lizard in middle school for a year or two.



it’s been raining so much lately, and that means finding creative ways to hang up your laundry to dry (we have a washer but not a dryer…)



it downpoured nearly every day last week which mostly kept me housebound, both at night on my own time, and during the day with my nanny baby, smasher. on friday it was sunny though, and we met karen for lunch at rittenhouse park, which is my daily stompin ground with the baby.



at smash’s house, where they actually do a good job taking care of their houseplants, unlike me



we’re bro’s



smash is five and a half months now. he’s getting up there. practically retired by this point.



on friday night, thankfully the rain held off, and i biked down to south philly to see my friend zia’s art opening. she loves wrestling! her show was a collection of photography about independent wrestling from this region. it was really cool.



a friend made this rad cake for her opening



this is zia



almost everyone i knew in philly was there. it was nice to be bombarded after a mostly anti-social week



kyle holding cookie

outside of bennas


on saturday, grindcore house had a one year anniversary party. we went and hung outside for a good while.



mikey came to visit from DC, which is always fun

outside of grindcore


we ate a lot of food and sat for a long time and mikey and lizz told funny stories about their friend group from high school, who are still all mostly friends at this point. i’ve met a lot of them lately so it was entertaining.



we talked about going out and doing something but all decided that going home and working was the kind of night we were trying to have. mikey had homework, lizz had to make curtains for her room, and i had some comics to draw. go figure. we listened to records and got a lot of work done.

work night


lizz made tiny apple pies at 1am. they were gluten free too. and delicious! it was the second time this week she made them.



rover is back to being allowed on the couch, which is a dream come true for him. normally i don’t mind when he isn’t allowed on the couch because he sheds a lot, but this couch is really easy to keep clean. rover is shedding an unreal amount right now because of his allergies. i can’t wait til that stops.

best buds


mikey had some excellent socks on



this morning, at satellite, trying to get more work done



after mikey took off, lizz and i laid around on the couch eating snacks and watching a lot of episodes of buffy. it was a beautiful thing. eventually we started working on projects while we watched and jacob joined for a bit too. good house vibe.

new roommates

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