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this has been a pretty okay week, mixed with feeling really social and in love with punk/diy all over again, and feeling the heaviness of fall sinking in. fall is my favorite season, of course, but it’s also tinged with a weird sense of loneliness. i guess that comes with the territory of being in a new city. fall makes you wanna get cozy and share things with someone.

here are photos from the last week.

one person i can get cozy with is my little nanny baby, smasher. he’s a rad little dude, usually in great spirits and ready to just hang out. he’s very easy going and great for wandering around the city with. we sit at the park and drink coffee together pretty often, sometimes my other friends come too. a rainbow shines in his kitchen every morning around 11am.

rainbow face


more luxurious pairings from my new chef roommate, jacob



on the way to west chester on thursday night during golden hour. we were a car full of ladies headed to a pop punk show. i’m glad i have a little crew of gals to go see cheesy pop punk with.



bonnie. she and i were pals in chicago for the brief time that she lived there before coming back to philly. now we get to be pals here too.



west chester is a little suburban area about 45 minutes outside of philly. a lot of folks live there and some put on shows there.



a lot of friends were playing the show so it was especially fun. philly dudes in the new band, laugh it off, spraynard, the sidekicks from ohio who i’ve known for a few years from the frisby house, where i used to live, and the max levine ensemble from dc.




i also met this gal, mary, who seemed to be a friend of many. she was nice.

mary in west chester


this band from california played and they were really talented. the perfect brand of indie pop that i normally fall all over. the only thing that stopped me from buying an album from them was their cheesy, folk punky lyrics. i can’t remember what they were called.



gabby, max and karen at “my parent’s house,” which is what the show house was called.



laugh it off doing a descendents cover. ‘i want to be stereotyped. i want to be classified.’ spraynard is in the background singin along.

i want to be stereotyped


steve from the sidekicks.



they’re so good. their new songs are so much like weezer. in a good way.

the sidekicks


on friday night i went to a screening of ‘from the back of the room,’ a documentary of ladies in punk made by someone from the dc area. i remember back when i lived in baltimore hearing about fundraising for this. it’s nice to see that it was actualized. making a film is such an undertaking! it was pretty fun to watch. nothing remarkably enlightening but cool to see a chunk of punk history documented.



kyle had really fresh kicks on. then someone pointed out todd’s shoes. yikes.



on saturday at my gym we did something called the crossfit total. it’s one day where everyone comes in and finds their one rep max on three lifts, the deadlift, the backsquat and the strict press. it’s a fun and competitive, encouraging environment with everyone their all at once trying to lift more than they’ve ever lifted.



you had to sign up for a time slot, then show up a half an hour early to warm-up and stretch. then they ran it in heats of three, with coaches at each station to assist.



a very heavy deadlift



a very heavy backsquat

crossfit total


jordan doing a press



everyone thought he was about to drop the bar as i took this photo

crossfit total


i had personal records on all my lifts. i’m pretty weak still but improved by twenty pounds on both my deadlifts and backsquats (i’m so bad at deadlifting! most people can deadlift much more than they can squat but i can only lift the same amount). i improved my press by 5 pounds. weakest arms on the planet. i was really stoked to have improved so much though!



after work today (work on a sunday morning. booo) i met up with some folks at grindcore house and worked on the new issue of my zine, list #15! here’s mary again, the one i had met at the show in west chester on thurdsay night.



i biked home and continued to work on my zine while simultaneously scanning pages of comics and editing photos. i was feeling scatter brained and wanted to do it all at once. i’m not sure how but i got a lot done of each.

started work on List #15


then karen and peter picked up me and rover



rover is such a babe



we took rover out to this big dog park in the woods in new jersey. todd had taken karen and rover there once when i was out of town and karen was dog sitting. they both really wanted to take me back there.



peter and rover walk the same way



karen and rover walk the same way



rover had a blast. he ran around so fast and chased so many other dogs.

at the dog park


this doggy drinking fountain was really cute. it functioned just like a regular fountain.

at the dog park


outside of the dog park in the regular nature park, there was a cool little playground that was made to look like a tree fort


at the dog park






rover tracks. i never said he was graceful.



worn out rover, drooling like crazy

rover drool


and we ended our night tonight with food from vietnam cafe, a place that is suspiciously nice for west philly.


overall, a pretty okay week.

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  1. karla says:

    Found your blog via the blog Yum & Yuk and so glad I did! Love your comics and also love seeing your photographs. I love Philly (it was my second choice after Portland of where to move when I left Florida). Have you been to the pretzel place that sells pretzels starting at midnight for $0.25 (or some such cheap amount)? So yum!

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