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i returned from my weekend trip to michigan to a home with new roommates. my old roommates moved out because they’re a couple and sarah had been accepted to the nursing program at NYU. her partner ryan owns the house but decided to make the leap. so now we’re renting from ryan. my new roommates are two rad folks who moved here from new orleans, jacob and lizz. they seem excited about settling in the house and working on comics and other creative projects, so i’m stoked. jacob also happens to be a chef, and cooked me some really delicious meals his first few nights here.



i also had a really social week with my nanny baby, meeting friends each day at the park or for lunch. he’s a great baby for socializing, super easy going and he has already won over the hearts of many non-baby lovers. plus, he has a david bowie onesie.



on thursday, my good friends in the band, the ambulars, came to town for the start of their tour. i met up with them at grindcore house, where i also picked up my CSA share. here is jen showing off a melon i got that week.

ambulars come to town


here’s andy looking at a book of portraits of straightedge kids. only at grindcore house (an all vegan/punk coffeeshop in philly)



the ambulars show was at this west philly house that had a huge back deck. they had a bbq before the show. this is david, who was tagging along with the ambulars for a few days.



and jen, in truest jen form.



on the far left is jacob, my new roommate, their buddy woody, and jen. they’re all originally from the DC area.

west philly hangz



the ambulars

the ambulars


that night after the show, my friends kettner and liz prince came over to read all the pages i’ve drawn for my comic series, year one. it was the first time anyone has read it from start to finish, which was a little nervewrecking for some reason.

kettner and liz visit my studio


the ambulars came back and we hung out and i stayed up waaaaay too late. then had a full day of work, then hopped on the megabus straight from work to head to pittsburgh for the weekend. luckily the megabus was almost empty so i could spread out and got to sleep a lot.



my bus was a bit delayed which kind of made all my housing plans go haywire. so my friend ian from braddock picked me up at 1am and we went to this little lookout spot overlooking pittsburgh. it was really pretty.

visit to pittsburgh


i ended up staying in braddock that night and talking to a bunch of dudes originally from the DC area that i’ve seen around for years (since i had lived in baltimore for a long time) but had never really known. they’re all vegan straightedge.



saturday morning i slept in and then ian showed me around braddock. it’s sort of an abandonded little ghost town surrounding a steel mill. it’s just outside of pittsburgh. this circle of friends moved there and have started their own little community. they bought two houses, one that they live in and one that they’re fixing up.




visit to braddock


it was braddock community day, which featured a little town festival. everyone kept saying ‘i can’t believe there are this many people out in braddock. usually it’s a ghost town’



then we stopped by cassie and anthony house. they’re two new braddock recruits. they had just moved there from pittsburgh a week or two prior. they play in a band called run forever. they were really nice!

visit to braddock


ian’s motorcycle that is perpetually broken

visit to braddock


we met up with everyone at spak for lunch. everyone being two of ian’s housemates, welch and trey, and two other house guests, lee and chris. so many babes with good style.

visit to braddock


we also met up with my friend ian baran, who used to live in chicago.



then the ambulars arrived because they were playing in braddock that night on tour.



we all walked over to the show space. welch skateboarded like a cool guy. sort of.

visit to braddock








after the show we all went out to a mexican place called mad mex. it was just too bright for jen twigg.



sunday morning everyone got to work making brunch




then we went over to dave’s place where brunch was being held. he has the coolest house.

visit to braddock


our good friends from chicago were on a zine reading tour and were scheduled to read in pittsburgh sunday night, so they came early to hang out. it was really rad to see them and to be around jen and leslie at one time, two of my favorite people from when i lived in chicago.

visit to braddock


jim and xavier, part of the reading crew.


visit to braddock


red shirt is dave. it was his house. he was a really good host.


visit to braddock



two daves in one photo, dave130 and dave roche

visit to braddock


visit to braddock


i gave braddock a break from my miserable company and went with leslie and ian baran into pittsburgh for good coffee. ian hooked us up at the coffeeshop he used to work at. he stopped working there the week prior because he was moving to brooklyn in a few days!



then i went with the chicago crew to ‘oh yeah’ for ice cream. it was super good, and they were using temptation ice cream which is made in chicago (our friend in chicago worked for chicago soy dairy so leslie’s refrigerator always had gallon buckets of temptation in it)

chicago zine kids


jim joyce, xavi, leslie and dave roche

chicago zine kids


after ice cream, we went to cyberpunk where the zine kid’s reading was being held at. it’s a collective house that holds events and also has a writer’s residency.





all the braddock folks came out for the reading which was really nice



art noose, who lives at the house, opened up the reading.



it was a beautiful night


chicago zine kids


after the reading, art noose showed us her letterpress studio in the basement.




we stayed and hung out a while



then headed back to braddock. the braddock house looks directly at this steel mill and some nights there’s a giant flame burning. it was a really surreal landscape. certainly not healthy for your lungs though.



we ended the night with rootbeer floats, helping jim joyce make more zines, telling ok cupid stories, and a pull-up contest, of course. i can’t wait until i can finally bust out some pull-ups.




we woke up pretty early on monday and got ready to head out

chicago zine kids



for some reason, anyone holding a pillow looks really innocent to me

chicago zine kids



the guy up in the righthand corner was another house guest. he slept in a hammock outside!



dave precariously filling my water bottle for me



at a rest stop somewhere between pittsburgh and philly. sometimes when i see photos of me, all i can see is the comic version of myself. THAT is really weird. i’m clearing drawing myself way too often these days.

chicago zine kids


we got back to philly and showered, then went to blackbird for vegan pizza. my roommate sarah came too. she had set up their reading that night at the wooden shoe bookstore.



leslie and i also ran over to grindcore house. we kept sneaking off for good coffee and real talks. it was so nice to be around one of my best friends for a few days. miss that girl.



at the reading, a bunch of philly friends came. dave roche had lived in philly a few years back. he hated living here but said seeing friends was a reminder that it wasn’t all bad.



some young chicago friends were there too. so many worlds colliding all weekend.



dave reading at the wooden shoe. afterword we went back to my place and watched twins, which, by the way, is a terrible movie.

chicago zine kids


so many good friends this weekend. <3

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  1. Great pics, Ramsey! Seriously inspiring weekend! :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jim Joyce says:

    Awesome pictures, Ramsey!

  3. a. says:

    this was a very b.r.e.a.m.-y entry. good job.

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