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last week i went to michigan for the weekend because my brother was visiting from taiwan for the first time in two years. rover and i waited at the airport for my dad to come pick us up.

king rover

rover is a patient sport. he charmed all the people working at the airport.


waiting at the airport


dad looking at flight maps

dad looking at flight maps


we were supposed to fly out by 6 but didn’t make it out til 9:00pm! so it was a late flight. my dad flies as a hobby. i don’t use the dad flight too often but my family really wanted me to come home while my brother was visiting and i couldn’t afford a ticket.


my brothers and mom. i have four siblings, two older sisters anda younger and older brother

my younger brother does circus stuff and my older brother just knows how to juggle well. here’s my older brother wearing my younger brother’s clown nose. yep.


on saturday morning we went to the baptism of my nephew. my family isn’t religious, nor did we grow up religious, but my sister found religion on her own after she started a family. so we all went for support.

sis and nephew

getting ready for baptism

my other nephew, thomas. sitting still like a good little guy



a way to occupy tommy’s attention while adults hang out


on the way home we stopped by this little farm and antique store to see if i could find cool furniture items. as suspected, they had all sorts of stuff i really loved and for really cheap! these are the four things i came away with. i really wanted some bigger furniture but knew i was traveling all the way back to philly.


rover and i spent some time alone in the woods, which is one of my favorite things to do when i’m in michigan.

wandering around in the woods



we found TWELVE different kinds of weird mushrooms! it was really weird.


wandering around in the woods

wandering around in the woods

after tromping around, my siblings and i all went to my dad’s house to take some family photos because my dad wanted some. it was really pretty out.


my brother abe and my nephew asher

brother and nephew


my brother’s girlfriend was visiting the united states for the first time. we went to this really good chinese restaurant. ivy had never seen a fortune cookie before and said american chinese food is much saltier and sweeter.


abe catching up on uncle time


brother and nephew


dad, younger brother graham, abe’s girlfriend ivy, and older brother abe
out to dinner

an epic storm rolling in
epic glow

on monday we took a big family trip to amish acres in northern indiana. they were trying to take ivy to see different things within the midwest while she was visiting.

ivy visits from taiwan



in true dad fashion, we were trying to head out by 2 but didn’t get rollin at the airport until 5. i had to get back to philly in time for work in the morning.


fueling up


return flight

rover is really good at traveling. he liked to watch for take offs and landings and slept the rest of the time.

return flight

me and dad, in the plane! he had to wear oxygen because we were flying up so high.


there were a lot of storms on the radar that we had to fly around!

return flight

it was really beautiful flying in through sunset though

return flight

return flight

it was really nice to see family but with so many of us it can get pretty stressful, even over just a three day weekend. it was nice to get back to philly to a household with new roommates. i walked in to find one roommate on the couch reading comics and the other in the kitchen working on writing. he told me there was a plate of food waiting for me in the fridge. it felt like home in a very different way from the home i had just come from.

return flight

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  1. the picture of you and your dad is so beautiful.

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