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this post is about a ladies camping weekend that happened two weekends ago! it was really fun to get to know some philly gals a little better. i only moved here two and a half months ago and i’m still workin on friends.

at grindcore house, drawing with kettner and friends.
happy hangouts


this was a really funny conversation about honeymoon suites with champagne glass shaped hot tubs
happy hangouts


i also saw my roommate ryan’s new band, must be nice, at their second show ever. they were great. it was really sweaty. ryan is moving to new york in two weeks!


must be nice


super hot weather means i mostly spent the week in my studio, directly in front of my fan, wearing only undies, working on drawings


at the end of the week, however, i decided spur of the moment to go camping on a ladies camping weekend.


we drove out to central PA to a state park and camped near Locust Lake


Our carload arrived first and we staked out our campgrounds. It was actually really nice because not many other people were camping near us at all. It was mostly just us out in the woods amidst a bunch of empty campsites. I guess other people didn’t want to camp in 100 degree weather…


we explored the woods a little, looking for wood for campfires, and also just looking for cool moss and other weird plants. we’re all into making terrariums.


ladies camping trip


beka in the stream


we kept commenting on how unprepared we felt because other campsites had hammocks and chairs and all sorts of amenities that campers brought with them, whereas we only had tents and sleeping bags. but then our second carful of ladies pulled up and zia had brought a hammock!
ladies camping trip


zia and beka
ladies camping trip


we all walked over to the lake for a night swim


and of course, it was beautiful out

well, hello
ladies camping trip


ladies camping trip


heading back to camp


we made a fire pretty easily and cooked dinner. our third carload of ladies arrived too.


there were bugs swarming us the whole time
ladies camping trip


ladies camping trip


then we had some silly fun with flashlights and long exposures




they just kept getting more elaborate. zia and carolanne were really good at figuring it out really fast and then racing around with flashlights to make the pictures. it was strangely fun to watch.
ladies camping trip


ladies camping trip

ladies camping trip

ladies camping trip


we had a brief freakout where we thought we were all standing in a patch of poison oak. so we ran to the bathroom and washed our legs.


we all slept in the following morning, before making breakfast


katie had bought this from the cabella’s clearance rack on the way


we made some terrible instant coffee


and some delicious oatmeal
ladies camping trip




we drank our bad coffee out of bowls… classy


we headed out in search of real coffee and found some coffee that tasted even worse than the instant coffee we had made ourselves


then we went to centralia, pa, a town who’s underground mines caught fire in the 60’s and kept burning for 50 years. the town is abandoned and the highway shut down because it got all warped and cracked from the heat underground.




ladies camping trip


on the abandoned highway. WELCOME TO HELL, 666.
ladies camping trip




the tripod we made for our group photo


after centralia, we headed to knoebels amusement park. it was this little no-admission amusement park where you just pay per ride, instead of paying a price at the door. all the rides were 75cents to 2 dollars. super cheap and fun.


after going on the log ride
ladies camping trip




ladies camping trip


ladies camping trip


ladies camping trip


after the haunted mansion ride


we got roped into being volunteers for a kids’ play. we were trolls.


we ended up staying all day


we didn’t even go on THAT many rides. we mostly just hung out and ate shitty food.


ladies camping trip


ladies camping trip


at sheetz on the way back to camping




we all wore tie dye tanktops for most of the weekend. one of the gals brought them as our camping weekend uniform. a few of the tank tops weren’t tie dyed though, so we decided to do it ourselves on sunday morning.


nothing says nature like a bowl full of bleach


mine was the only one that worked for some reason. the other tank tops wouldn’t go!


we ended the trip with an afternoon swim


and lunch


zia didn’t shave for the weekend


we made fajitas!




takin out the trash
ladies camping trip


we raced a storm all the way back to philly

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