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Hey y’all! If you go to my etsy shop now and enter in coupon code THANKSPAL you can get 20% off your order.

I generally think holiday buying is kinda weird, especially around Thanksgiving, but buying your friends comics and zines for the holidays is always a cool gift! And, selling things for cheaper around now is cool too.

Thanks for your support! Selling my zines and my book, Year One, in my etsy shop now.



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Poster by, Your Host, Brian Ralph

see all you cool kids at this event

Hey! I’m presenting at this event. I’ve never ‘presented’ at a comics or zine event before. Yikes. Come watch me fumble around for 5-7 minutes about Year One.

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Year One for sale now!

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Hey Everyone! I’m packaging up the last of the kickstarter pre-orders tonight which means that I’m now ready to put Year One for sale on-line!

If you’re interested in buying it, it’s $14, plus shipping.

For the U.S, shipping is $4. (so $18 total)
International folks, shipping is $6 (so $20 total)

You can just paypal that to and be sure to include your correct address.

or: if you feel better doing it through a website, feel free to order it through my etsy at:


I had a great time tabling at Portland Zine Symposium and all the feedback/response I’ve gotten this week from people who have read Year One already has been so thoughtful. Thanks so much if you’ve read this book.

Some incredibly kind responses I’ve received this week:

I just have to write you to let you know that I received my copy of Year One yesterday and it is so beautiful! I had read all the comics online, but it was such a different experience to hold it in my hands and see all the detail. Year One is an amazing, touching, funny, heartfelt book. Congratulations on a job well done! It is so inspiring to see folks my age getting it done!”


I must say, It’s a refreshing book……it’s quite a simple story, yet I think it really reveals a lot about our generation….or maybe being in our mid – late 20s….or maybe I’m just going through some of the same situations. Either way, I was eager to read the whole comic in one sitting.


Today I came home to my copy of Year One leaning against my door.  I got inside, opened the package, sat down on my couch with my shoes and bag still on, and read the whole thing.  I just wanted to send a huge congratulations to you.  I think the book is a great success”


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Upcoming Events

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Hey Y’all! I’ll be tabling a couple events this month if you want to come say hello, get coffee, buy Year One, etc!

This weekend, I’ll be at the Portland Zine Symposium. This is the first place EVER that I’ll be selling Year One! I’ll also have issues of List, my zine, as well as my comic zine, Everydaypants, and a few screenprinted posters as well!

Come say hi! We’ll be tabling Saturday and Sunday. PZS is a really fun and welcoming event.

I’ll also be running a workshop at PZS with my buddy Derek Neuland about raising funds online through Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and the pros and cons of using an internet fundraiser to fund a big project. Our workshop is on Sunday, in the afternoon. I can’t remember what time! Derek and Alex Wrekk used Indiegogo to raise money for the upfront costs of opening their store front for Portland Button Works. I used Kickstarter to fund the printing of Year One. Both of us learned a lot from these experiences, and wanted to lead a discussion on the topic. It ain’t always pretty, folks, but for me at least, it was definitely worth it. Thank you again, so much, if you donated to my kickstarter!

Later this month, I’ll also be tabling at the first ever Philly Feminist Zine Fest!

I’m really excited to table this event. PFZF is posting interviews with tablers on their website. They just posted my interview here:



See you this month?

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Hey! Now that things are totally wrapped up with the book, I’m excited to be able to focus on other projects. I’ve had a fair amount of commissions in the past few months which is always fun! Here’s a selection of a things I’ve done over the past month or two, from logos to posters to album art to custom drawings as gifts. Being an illustrator means I get to draw fun things! If you’re interested in a commission, get in touch! I generally start at $50 and level off at around $100 unless it’s a larger drawing or one that includes several people in it. I’m also always willing to work with punk budgets, payment plans, and am totally flexible about how long it might take you to pay for something. Also, trades are cool sometimes too!

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Hello readers of my website! As you can see, the website had an overhaul (done by one ms. karen martinez of Though slight in variation, I think it massively improves the function of this website and the readability of the comics section, especially the Year One section.

So I went ahead and did a kickstarter for Year One. It was a decision I grappled with for a few months but ultimately decided on because it’s an organized and efficient way to raise money, while still making sure that everyone who donates is getting something in return. Simply view it as a pre-order for the book or an art sale, if you will! I know Kickstarter is not everyones favorite thing but I’ve decided it is pretty appropriate for this sort of usage. With that said, I can’t believe it, but I’ve already raised half my goal in only 12 hours. Thank you, thank you thank you, for the outpouring of support. It is really unreal.

If you would like to and haven’t pre-ordered the book, check that out here:


If you’re new to my website:

As some of you might know, I’ve been working on my first novel-length comic book for the duration of the past year. My book is called Year One, and through weekly vignettes, illustrates my entire first year living in Philadelphia, after a significant move from Chicago. In some pages, my weekly activities are illustrated. In others, just a pertinent conversation. Year One was drawn in real time, finishing 2-3 pages as every week went by. I’ve spent hundreds of hours working on this project over the last year and am very excited to get it out into the world in the form of my very first book! Prior to this project, the longest comic i had ever drawn was 6 pages long. Year One is 136 pages and will be offset printed and perfect bound at 8×10 inches. It is 100% complete from front cover to back cover (and scanned, cleaned up, edited, edited again, and sized for printing. I literally just need to hit send and fork over a deposit to the printer).

Year One uses a variety of storytelling formats to give an overall glimpse into a year in the life of a late twenty-something year old, trying to figure out her place as a young artist outside of the post-college years. It is lighthearted, somber, lonely, funny, and quiet. It shows the number of people who come and go throughout a year, new love, old romance, loss and grief, and more generally, the search for a sense of self.

You can read it for free on this website at but it would be way more fun for you to read it in print. 


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Hey! I finally got around to putting List 15 and Everydaypants #2 on-line for sale. I mean, right here.

List 15 is $4.
This issue is about moving to a new city to try to move on from a past relationship and to try to find a place that feels like home. It’s about new figuring myself out, saying goodbye to the past, and opening new chapters. Some list samples are: big plans, things i miss/don’t miss about chicago, being a confident introvert, adventures in dating, all the things that have happened since list 14, traits i admire in other people, how i ended up in a relationship, the things i think are most important, places i’ve been and what i remember about them, and many more!

Everydaypants #2 is $3. (be warned, if you read my tumblr, you’ve seen all of these comics before. But it might be fun to see them in print!) 
I drew all of these comics throughout the year 2011, for various things, and wanted to see them all in one place and in print! This includes a selection of pages from a 115 page, long-term comic series I’ve been working on about my first year in Philadelphia (to be printed at the end of 2012). 
Everydaypants #2 is filled with short comics about music, diy, nannying, and moving to a new city. 
This is 24 pages, black and white, and saddle stitched!

If you wanna order one, you can paypal monies to or send me an ASK if you want to order through the mail, and I’ll give you my address. Non-creepers only, thanks.

It’s also for sale on my etsy, but if you wanna just buy through me directly it saves me dumb etsy fees and I won’t charge for shipping. How about that?

If you prefer etsy, however, my etsy shop is at

Thanks buddies.

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New Zines & The Chicago Zine Fest!

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Hi! This weekend I’ll be attending the Chicago Zine Fest and I can’t wait. I was an organizer the past two years and each year, we would always say “Phew! I wish we could just attend and not have to organize this thing so we could just enjoy it. It would be so different!” This is my first year having that opportunity. I’m stoked.

In preparation for the fest, I finished TWO new zines! List #15 and Everydaypants #2. List is my long-running zine. It’s how I started drawing comics at all. I’ve been making it since I was 19 (for the record, I’m 27 now).

I don’t have any copies made of EDP#2 yet but I will in time for the fest!

I’ll be sitting in the corner on the 8th floor! Come say hi.

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100 pages done!

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I just hit a pretty exciting milestone for my comic project, Year One. I’m working on page 100!

Drawing 100 fully fleshed out, drawn and inked pages of comics in only 9 months is kind of a huge deal for me. From 2010 to April of 2011, I literally drew no more than 30 pages of comics in the entire year, and at the time, that was a significant jump for me in terms of taking my comics seriously as something that I really do.

For a long time, my drawings were just little doodles for my zine. The time that I worked on my zine would be the only time I ever worked on comics throughout the year. I would always qualify them as ‘silly, bad drawings that I just make for fun.’ It wasn’t until last year that I decided to really work on comics as their own thing, outside of my zine, and it wasn’t until April of 2011 that I decided I had cemented enough of my own style to work on a sustained project. That’s when I jumped into drawing Year One.

It’s been a huge learning process for me. Year One has presented me with these challenges:

-setting rigid weekly deadlines for myself and absolutely not letting them slip. In a lot of cases, this meant being a lot less social than I had intended for my first year in Philly.

-drawing consistent characters from week to week and drawing anything other than myself really… which is the only thing I had really practiced before that point

-maintaining momentum and enthusiasm to work on this thing so rigidly and not discourage myself out of it

-setting up rules and guidelines for how I would incorporate other peoples’ lives into my personal comics, with a respectfulness for their boundaries

-but not letting that dictate the story and what I think I need to share to show an honest glimpse of my year. feeling out the space between personal, too personal, and impersonal has been a learning process.

-accepting that this is a story without a plot and that anything might happen in the end, including the fact that it might fail to be interesting or cohesive when read all together. realizing that this is more of an ‘experiment’ and a learning process than anything else.

-thinking of things happening in my real life in terms of story arcs. that’s just weird…

-remembering that everything i’m drawing now doesn’t go away. it’s all cemented on the page. since i’ve been posting them online, it almost feels like once they’re posted, they sort of disappear. i have to remind myself that i’m eventually going to print this and my whole love life throughout the year is going to stick around. haha.

Click here to start at the beginning of Year One! 

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(click on the image for a larger version)

Yesterday marked the official halfway point of my comics project, Year One! I have lived in Philly for exactly half a year and have 60 pages of comics drawn to show for it.

For this project, I set out to draw at least a page a week about my entire first year in Philadelphia after moving here from Chicago this April. Upon starting, I realized it would need to be two or three pages a week to fully convey an idea. And so I set out to draw more than I’ve ever drawn in my life, and fully commit myself to a project in a way I never have before (aside from a few animations I created during art school.)

I’m honestly surprised at how easy this has been to keep up with and how it still doesn’t feel like a chore, after 26 weeks of meeting my own deadline every week.

This project has surely helped me transition to living in a new city. Each week it helps me process my thoughts and interactions with new people and old friends, and it keeps me company on lonely days when I don’t feel like I have many friends yet and can just hole myself up alone drawing, feeling like I have a purpose. For anyone moving to a new city, I recommend drawing a comic book about it. =0)

Normally I don’t post ahead, but here’s the page that marks the halfway point of the book. A preview.

If you’re a friend or follower, consider helping me gain some momentum by reblogging this or any of my Year One pages. Or make a tumblr post with a link to Year One! Thanks so much to everyone who has been encouraging me with this project.


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