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My new book is out today!

My new book is aimed at older teens getting ready to go off to college (or people who have been through that experience, which I know is not everyone) and it’s all about my first year at art school in Baltimore. Bearing in mind that you may not be the target audience for this book, you might like it just because you know me and possibly knew me when I was going through that period in my life. Or you might know someone going off to college, or with a child who is at that stage. Its release date makes it a nice going away gift for a college-bound young person. Or maybe you, the person who is reading this, is someone from that demographic.

Some ways you can help- 

Buying the book: If you wanted to help me get a little higher kickback, you can purchase the book USING THIS LINK for Amazon specifically.

You can also purchase it here:

or you can find an Indie bookstore near you that carries it by going here:

Reviewing the Book: Another big way you can help is by reviewing my book on any of those sites once you’ve read it. More reviews means that it shows up higher on search lists, which can lead to better sales, especially if you review on Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. Reviews on Goodreads and Librarything are also helpful for spreading the word.

Tell your friends in the book biz: If you know anyone who works at a library, a bookstore, or teaches high school, maybe spread the word about my book to them! That would rule.

Thanks y’all!

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