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I just restocked my etsy store with a few items that haven’t been in there in quite a while.

There’s more OK Cupid split zines, List 14, and Everydaypants 1-inch button packs now, as well as Everydaypants #1, Everydaypants #2, and of course, my book, Year One. Check it out! if you’re interested.



“Four friends, Ramsey Beyer, Kettner, Leslie Perrine, and Liz Prince all joined Ok Cupid at different times to test the murky water of online dating. After many tiring conversations about how awful dating is, they decided to make this comic zine! “


1-inch button packs include four buttons per pack! There are two packs available (See photos). ”


“List #14 is all drawn by me (no submissions section this time). Grey, cardstock cover. This issue is about routine, the mundane, trying to figure out where I want to be and what I want to be doing, and dealing with feeling slightly uninspired. Some list samples are: getting older every day, the best things i’ve done in chicago so far, making friends is hard, things i need to get better at, in defense of fitness, and what i’m looking for in a place to live.”

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