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Yesterday marked the official halfway point of my comics project, Year One! I have lived in Philly for exactly half a year and have 60 pages of comics drawn to show for it.

For this project, I set out to draw at least a page a week about my entire first year in Philadelphia after moving here from Chicago this April. Upon starting, I realized it would need to be two or three pages a week to fully convey an idea. And so I set out to draw more than I’ve ever drawn in my life, and fully commit myself to a project in a way I never have before (aside from a few animations I created during art school.)

I’m honestly surprised at how easy this has been to keep up with and how it still doesn’t feel like a chore, after 26 weeks of meeting my own deadline every week.

This project has surely helped me transition to living in a new city. Each week it helps me process my thoughts and interactions with new people and old friends, and it keeps me company on lonely days when I don’t feel like I have many friends yet and can just hole myself up alone drawing, feeling like I have a purpose. For anyone moving to a new city, I recommend drawing a comic book about it. =0)

Normally I don’t post ahead, but here’s the page that marks the halfway point of the book. A preview.

If you’re a friend or follower, consider helping me gain some momentum by reblogging this or any of my Year One pages. Or make a tumblr post with a link to Year One! Thanks so much to everyone who has been encouraging me with this project.


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