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With the help of my super talented friends, Karen and Peter, I’ve launched a brand new website! As you can see, it’s vastly improved from the one I had previously fumbled together myself.

Hopefully everything is very intuitive and easy to find! Any suggestions or comments are totally welcome and helpful. You can e-mail me at

With this new website comes a new comic series called Year One. Before moving, I challenged myself to draw a page of comics for every week of my first year in Philadelphia. It has since turned to two or three pages a week. At the end of one year, I hope to compile all the pages as a book! I’ll be posting pages to this series once a week, every Thursday. So be sure to follow that section, which can be found under the “comics” category.

I’ve also moved my photoblog from my livejournal (yep.) to this website to consolidate my web presence a bit. I’ve been making “picture posts” for the last six years (these can be seen at They’ll be here from now on, and I’ll be posting photos every Monday night. As I post new pages of comics to Year One, I’ll probably include a link to the pictures from that week as well! Meta…

Thanks for stopping in! You can follow most pages via RSS or tumblr, so consider doing that? Also be sure to check out Karen’s and Peter’s website. Hire them to build you a website! They’re very accommodating and fun to work with.

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